Why Are The Professionals Now Buying Tin Ceilings Made From Aluminum

Why Are The Professionals Now Buying Tin Ceilings Made From Aluminum

Tin ceilings are the best product to​ use if​ you want the Olde Worlde charm of​ a​ decorative ceiling. Whether this is​ a​ DIY job or​ whether you are calling in​ the professionals you must have a​ serious think about using tin panelling rather than sheetrock. Sheetrock is​ also known as​ wall board, plasterboard or​ gyprock - depending on whereabouts in​ the world you are located.

They Are No Longer Made of​ Tin !

An aluminum alloy has now been created to​ especially suit these beautiful art metal ceilings. Aluminum is​ a​ corrosion resistant, durable product which doesn't rust, unlike steel which is​ used by some manufactures of​ pressed tin. The panels are still widely known as​ pressed tin even though they are not made from tin.

Panel Sizes/Weight Differences

Aluminum ceiling panels are much smaller than sheetrock. They are generally 6' x 2' or​ otherwise 6' x 3'. a​ few are only 2' x 2'. This metal paneling is​ only one-fiftieth (yes, one fiftieth) of​ an​ inch thick. it​ is​ actually thicker than the original older style tin paneling but it​ is​ much lighter. One person can carry several sheets at​ one time. Imagine how much easier it​ is​ to​ hold a​ lightweight sheet of​ metal above your head as​ opposed to​ a​ very heavy sheet of​ wallboard which is​ easily more than twice as​ big as​ the largest aluminum sheet. The weight difference is​ enormous. And this is​ exactly what you will be doing - holding the sheet above your head whilst you attach it​ to​ your ceiling.

Painting a​ Pressed Aluminium Ceiling

Painting an​ ornate, aluminum ceiling in​ fine detail is​ easy because it​ is​ painted before it​ gets fixed to​ the ceiling. Painting an​ ornate plaster style ceiling is​ very difficult because it​ requires special equipment otherwise you will quickly get a​ sore back and a​ sore neck. Oil based paints are recommended.


When this special aluminum alloy is​ pressed into the various designs it​ hardens substantially and holds its shape exceedingly well.

Variety of​ Patterns And Designs

There is​ now an​ enormous range of​ patterns available and these patterns can be arranged in​ an​ endless variety of​ designs to​ suit your ceiling. There are designs suited for both commercial and residential buildings plus there are contemporary designs as​ well as​ traditional patterns.

Longer Lasting Than a​ Plaster Ceiling

Aluminum ceilings won't rust, they won't crack and they won't fall off. The material they are made from is​ non-porous so it​ resists moisture and odor. if​ water enters your roof and if​ you can remove it​ promptly then you will have no damage to​ your ceiling. You certainly can't say that about most other types of​ decorative ceilings. Anyone who restores buildings will tell you that ceiling restoration is​ a​ major cost and time factor issue for them. Install an​ aluminum ceiling and you won't be facing any ceiling restoration problems in​ later years.

Good For Tornado/Cyclone Areas

Additionally, aluminum ceilings move and flex with the structure so if​ you are in​ cyclone or​ tornado areas you will find these products particularly suitable.


Ornate aluminum ceilings will add more value to​ your property than they cost. They can be painted in​ myriad ways creating works of​ art on your ceiling. Their value becomes priceless. Stunning results are being obtained by the average home handyman.

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