Who Stole The Spirit Of Christmas

Who Stole The Spirit Of Christmas

Once again it​ is​ the time of​ year where it​ is​ impossible to​ forget that Christmas is​ just around the corner, we see advertising on our TV’s, in​ the shops, on the radio and we read about it​ in​ magazines and newspapers, but what is​ Christmas all about? How have things changed since the time that Christmas began?

Originally Christmas was all about Christians celebrating the birth of​ Jesus, now it​ has become a​ time where the kids are looking forward to​ seeing what Santa has left for them in​ their Christmas stockings and under the Christmas tree.

Santa Claus (St. Nicholas) was a​ wealthy man who gave gifts to​ poor who were struggling financially, however, he didn’t want them to​ know where the gifts had come from, so he gave in​ such a​ way so the folk would find his gifts but not know who gave them, hence the myth about Father Christmas.

However, for many people nowadays, Christmas has become a​ time where families worry about the cost of​ Christmas rather than looking forward to​ the occasion. The temptation to​ take out loans and credit cards can prove to​ be irresistible with the thought of​ Christmas costs looming and how they are going to​ afford it.

Having said that, people do like to​ celebrate Christmas, it​ is​ a​ time for families, parties and celebrations, however, the costs involved are still a​ major factor of​ the celebrations. The purchasing of​ decorations, food, drink and spending on travel all adds to​ the cost proving that Christmas is​ the most expensive time of​ year for families in​ the UK.

The Association of​ Payment Clearing Services (Apacs) said they expect the total UK spending in​ December to​ be a​ staggering £48.7bn, a​ rise of​ 11% on last years spend in​ that one month!

Free debt advice agencies such as​ Payplan ( www.payplan.com ) say that the amount of​ enquiries they usually experience in​ December is​ significantly less in​ comparison to​ other months throughout the year, however February is​ the time they receive the highest amount of​ enquiries, due to​ debtors denying the true cost of​ Christmas until they realise their finances have been crippled.

The figures reflect what happens in​ the credit industry in​ the months surrounding December. People take out loans or​ spend on credit cards in​ order to​ keep up with the costs of​ Christmas and then look for ways to​ deal with their finances in​ the New Year. a​ survey conducted by Payplan in​ 2018 showed that over 45% of​ people were still paying for presents bought in​ 2018.

Already people who use debt forums are talking about how they are feeling the pressure of​ Christmas and looking for ways to​ ease the stress and find ways to​ cope with Christmas costs without adding to​ their existing debt problems. “It’s just a​ bit of​ a​ depressing time for people trapped in​ debt!!” said one poster, “The true sprit of​ Christmas has been hijacked by marketing and advertising people and whipped into a​ three months spending frenzy “ said another.

Marketing and advertising make their job of​ easing the costs very difficult, but they are determined not to​ get into more financial difficulty because of​ the price tag on Christmas, “I have been buying stocking fillers for the children in​ sales when I see them and I have told all family my limit is​ £5 each as​ they are token gifts and its the thought that counts. All my family have more disposable income than I do. So with such a​ small budget I have been doing alot of​ shopping around. “

Christmas needs to​ be a​ time to​ put smiles on peoples faces, not to​ cause stress and difficulty in​ trying to​ keep up with all the costs put before them in​ order to​ enjoy, what should be a​ happy occasion. “Christmas is​ about family and I hope my family understand that it​ is​ better to​ have a​ token gift rather than get me in​ debt again.”

Who Stole The Spirit Of Christmas

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