Who Says You Cant Work While On Vacation Audio Conferencing Says Otherwise

Who Says You Cant Work While On Vacation Audio Conferencing Says

Give the​ travel brochure a​ once over and take the​ next plane to​ Finland. You deserve a​ break after being at​ the​ beck and call of​ your boss. Well,​ he can’t say no because you can use audio conferencing while taking in​ the​ Northern Lights after a​ cold swim.

Grasp the​ Break By the​ Neck

Before the​ long flight to​ Helsinki,​ you’ll have to​ review your schedule. Your boss wants another meeting on​ a​ Monday and by that time you’ll still be in​ Helsinki taking in​ the​ sights. the​ boss has already assured you that his secretary will set up the​ necessary audio settings to​ enable the​ live meeting via audio conferencing. All you have to​ do now is​ synchronize your clocks.

No,​ you are not a​ polar bear (that’s what the​ winter swimmers are called). You’re a​ curious chap eager to​ try something new and extreme,​ like swimming in​ negative 20 degree Celsius with no wind. You’re a​ swimming novice but willing to​ risk a​ lot for the​ adventure. So,​ mark your calendar on​ the​ date and time of​ the​ audio conferencing,​ and say goodbye to​ all that’s warm and sunny before you take the​ next day’s early morning flight.

Winter swimming

In Winter,​ Helsinki is​ terribly cold and the​ lakes are frozen. For winter,​ swimming in​ a​ round hole is​ tapped,​ and swimmers dip themselves into the​ water for about 30-60 seconds without submerging their heads,​ avoiding the​ risk of​ hypothermia. Those who can do this feel so accomplished,​ sans the​ trophy.

In your case,​ you want to​ get rid of​ arthritis. Winter swimming advocates boast that taking a​ dip into the​ icy water builds body resistance to​ colds,​ improves blood circulation,​ and relieves arthritis. So,​ it​ is​ holiday plus a​ quest for a​ cure that had you taking this trip.

Your First Dip

Your first dip was truly a​ chilling one,​ one that went straight to​ the​ bone,​ and it​ took quite some time before you lowered yourself into the​ hole. it​ would have been easy to​ back out of​ the​ challenge,​ but the​ pain in​ your knee tells you you’ve got to​ do it.

The shocking contact of​ cold water on​ your toes is​ your first taste of​ the​ swim. Determined,​ you go down deeper into the​ hole and stay for 30 seconds – the​ longest 30 seconds ever. You scuttled up the​ ladder for the​ warmth of​ your fleece throw blanket and rush to​ the​ warmth of​ the​ car waiting for you.

It’s amazing how the​ fresh feeling stayed with you the​ whole day. the​ swim invigorated your tired muscles and you longed for sleep. Then you get the​ beep – the​ audio conferencing marathon will soon begin. the​ moderator announces and gives you the​ bridge number. at​ 9:30,​ you connect and learn that there are 10 people in​ just one line.

Next scene,​ the​ Northern Lights

You know that a​ visit to​ Helsinki is​ not complete without watching the​ dance of​ the​ Northern Lights. Take a​ plane to​ Ivalo. Its distance from city lights makes it​ the​ perfect viewing place for the​ atmospheric phenomenon. You take the​ trip once the​ audio conferencing and reporting is​ over. You deserve the​ break.

Who Says You Cant Work While On Vacation Audio Conferencing Says

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