Who Else Wants Coupons To Go Tanning For Free

Who Else Wants Coupons To Go Tanning For Free

Coupons have been around since at​ least 1894 when Asa Candler, a​ drugist, passed out slips of​ paper for​ a​ free glass of​ his brand new drink, Coca-Cola. Today, the​ enlightened consumer knows the​ value of​ using coupons to​ save money and​ to​ enjoy being able to​ partake of​ services that may well have been unobtainable absent the​ coupon. With the​ growth of​ the​ Internet, many now seek their printable coupons from the​ world wide web.

Savvy Businesses use coupons to​ attract new customers. Tanning Salon owners are truly people oriented and​ fully understand the​ need to​ keep their customer base pleased with high quality
friendly service and​ a​ near hospital standard of​ sanitation in​ the​ salon. They also know they must market their tanning salon to​ garner new clientele.

The big question for​ most business owners is: "Where do I get the​ biggest bang for​ my marketing buck?"

One means to​ analyze alternatives to​ ascertain just where the​ biggest bang comes from is​ to​ cost out the​ marketing plan for​ various media. for​ the​ coupons to​ go tanning for​ free one might look at​ print media such as​ newspapers, magazines, billboards, or​ even at​ radio and​ television. for​ the​ tanning salon owner, these usually prove cost prohibitive except in​ some smaller local markets.

Direct mail is​ certainly an​ option and​ can be anything from hand written postcards to​ exquisite pre-printed cards. E-mail has proven to​ be a​ very profitable means to​ advertise. for​ the​ latter two, the​ list is​ the​ key to​ the​ success of​ direct mailing and​ e-mail. for​ direct mail, a​ business owner can develop a​ list from their local phone book or​ pay a​ hefty fee to​ a​ list broker for​ a​ targeted mailing list or​ do something in-between.

So that we can use an​ example, please indulge me this, let us assume that three business owners each have paid for​ a​ list, printing, postage and​ handling for​ 1000 coupon postcards and​ each business owner's total cost came to​ $730. the​ first business owner's mailing list was a​ cold mailing list meaning a​ bunch of​ names and​ addresses to​ somebody somewhere. the​ first business owner received the​ usual cold-list response rate of​ about one-half of​ one percent which resulted in​ five brand new customers. the​ second business owner had a​ bit better list and​ was able to​ enjoy the​ national coupon redemption rate of​ about three percent resulting in​ thirty new customers walking in​ their door to​ redeem their coupons. the​ third business owner had a​ highly targeted mailing list of​ known local tanners who were looking for​ a​ new salon and​ they enjoyed a​ response rate of​ thirteen and​ two-tenths percent resulting in​ one-hundred and​ thirty-two new customers.

Obviously, five new customers is​ better than none. Thirty new customers is​ better than five. And, one-hundred and​ thirty-two new customers is​ better than thirty. Another way to​ say this is​ that the​ first business received five new customers for​ a​ $730 marketing expenditure or​ paid $146 per customer who walked through their door to​ redeem their coupon. the​ second business received thirty new customers for​ a​ $730 marketing expenditure or​ paid $24.33 per customer who walked through their door to​ redeem their coupon. the​ third business received one-hundred and​ thirty-two new customers for​ a​ $730 marketing expenditure or​ paid $5.55 per customer who walked through their door to​ redeem their coupon.

With e-mail one can make the​ same value argument for​ e-mail lists as​ above with one very large additional risk and​ that is​ called SPAM. SPAM can result in​ e-mail restrictions to​ shutting down an​ entire website.

In the​ early 1980's the​ tanning industry was a​ baby. Now it​ is​ a​ fully grown mature industry and​ the​ answer to​ the​ question of​ where a​ salon owner gets the​ biggest bang for​ their coupon marketing buck lies somewhere else than in​ the​ same identical coupons their competition is​ handing out. While one may well have a​ great list, today's consumer recognizes and​ receives many coupon offers. in​ 2000 there were nearly 4.5 billion coupons circulated in​ the​ United States alone. Roughly eighty percent of​ those making between $25,000 and​ $75,000 per year use coupons some time and​ folks with these income levels can afford to​ tan.

Continuing our example above, to​ the​ salon owner, is​ it​ worth spending $146 or​ $24.33 or​ even $5.55 per customer to​ distribute first time tanner coupons that almost every salon gives away or​ standard referral coupons or​ birthday coupons or​ buy three get one free UV Free airbrush tanning coupons? it​ occurred to​ us that salon owners and​ tanners may be better served by making these tanning industry standard coupons available to​ everyone for​ free off a​ website.

The tanner enjoys the​ benefit of​ the​ coupon to​ go tanning for​ free. the​ salon owner enjoys the​ benefit of​ not having to​ spend hard earned cash to​ pay for​ advertising common to​ most all tanning salons and​ the​ website enjoys a​ few more hits. That is​ called cooperative advertising. Please visit our website soon so you can enjoy your own coupons to​ go tanning for​ free.

Who Else Wants Coupons To Go Tanning For Free

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