Whitewater Kayak Sport Basics For Excitement

Whitewater Kayak Sport Basics For Excitement

Going on a​ whitewater kayak adventure can be fun, exciting, and​ exhilarating; however there are a​ few basics which you should acknowledge yourself with before even considering going on this sort of​ outing. for​ one, the​ whitewater kayak sport is​ incredibly gear intensive.

Although you don’t have to​ be in​ excellent physical shape to​ whitewater kayak, you should have adequate upper arm and​ shoulder strength, so that you can use the​ paddles or​ oars properly, and​ have enough strength to​ take care of​ yourself in​ the​ rapids in​ the​ event of​ an​ emergency.

You should also be able to​ hold your breath for​ a​ relatively substantial amount of​ time, in​ case your whitewater kayak were to​ tip, and​ you also may want to​ simply tone up a​ bit so that your muscles are that much more ready for​ such a​ physical activity.

Gearing Up to​ Go Whitewater Kayaking

The basic equipment that you will need for​ your whitewater kayak trip is​ as​ follows: boat, paddle, sprayskirt, helmet, and​ lifejacket. There are of​ course other accessories which you can include, but these are the​ must-haves, the​ essentials. Signing up and​ attending even a​ few lessons before actually going on your whitewater kayaking trip is​ a​ good idea, so that you can actually have fun on the​ trip because you will know what you are doing.

Through training you will learn such things as​ bracing, rolling, and​ most important, wet exiting. You will also learn such techniques as​ eddy turns, peel outs, ferrying, and​ surfing.

Buying a​ Kayak

Although you can rent a​ kayak at​ most outfitters, or​ the​ kayak use itself may even come included with your kayaking trip package, if​ you are planning on purchasing your own kayak, there a​ few important things to​ know. There are several different types of​ kayaks: recreational kayaks, touring kayaks, whitewater kayaks, and​ downriver kayaks.

Recreational kayaks are those which are all-around boats that are designed for​ mild river trips. Touring kayaks are ones which are designed for​ extended wilderness trips and​ are very stable and​ have good carrying capacity.

Whitewater kayaks are designed with exceptional maneuverability in​ mind in​ order to​ be able to​ properly negotiate rapids. They are shorter and​ usually have more rounded bottoms.

Finally, downriver kayaks are those which are specialty boats that are designed to​ travel quickly through the​ water, and​ are usually very long and​ narrow, while their straight keel allows them to​ track efficiently, but they are difficult to​ turn.

Whitewater Kayak Sport Basics For Excitement

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