White Space Profit Space

White Space, Profit Space …
This is​ a​ fascinating principle about optimising your white space – and you can take that as​ metaphorical or​ as​ practical as​ you like.
The other day, I​ was having dinner at​ a​ roadside café and I​ noticed that the little sugar bags that came with my coffee had ADVERTISEMENTS on them.
That’s your classic use of​ white space .​
So, you make sugar in​ little paper bags, millions of​ them, and your company logo is​ on the front – and the back of​ it​ is​ EMPTY.
These little sugar bags are handled by MILLIONS, likewise, who are sitting down to​ relax and have very little else to​ do whilst they are waiting for their food, or​ for a​ meeting, or​ to​ rest than to​ LOOK AT THE AD.
Being little sugar bags, as​ they are, they also make the perfect mini calling card that you can put in​ your pocket or​ in​ your wallet – and take the ad, the phone number, the web site with you.
How cool is​ that?
I’m just wondering how much extra business and extra money that generated for the broker, the sugar company and the advertisers – all from a​ little square of​ white space the size of​ a​ postage stamp.
White spaces are everywhere.
They are on your web pages, at​ the bottom of​ your emails, on the back of​ your sales letters, on the back of​ your business cards, on the side of​ your catalogue, over the door of​ your building, on the T-shirts of​ your employees, on the boot of​ your car (and probably metaphorically in​ your mind as​ well!).
You can USE these white spaces to​ sell to​ others, or​ to​ advertise your own stuff – highlight more benefits, add testimonials, inform or​ educate your customers, make them aware of​ special offers .​
You can trade your white space with others to​ gain access to​ their markets – it’s pretty endless, really!
So today, let’s think up ONE white space that readily springs to​ mind which you have and you can USE to​ get more profit, right away and without any further ado.
Your 60 seconds starts – right now!

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