Where To Take A Guided Kayaking Tour In San Diego

Where To Take A Guided Kayaking Tour In San Diego

Where to​ Take a​ Guided Kayaking Tour in​ San Diego
Take a​ look around the city of​ San Diego, and you're likely to​ see everyone getting around on bike or​ by trolley .​
While it's true that San Diego is​ full of​ sites and attractions, very few people realize that it's also an​ ideal location to​ experience some great kayaking .​
In fact, some of​ the best scenery of​ San Diego is​ only seen from the water, and kayaking is​ an​ excellent way to​ take in​ all of​ the sights and sounds of​ this big little city.
Start your kayaking adventure in​ San Diego by taking a​ tour of​ the La Jolla Sea Caves .​
While it​ sounds like it​ may be an​ intimidating experience, it's actually a​ very pleasant and fun outdoor adventure! Beginning at​ the La Jolla Shores, you can paddle your way through an​ outdoor paradise while you view areas of​ San Diego's coast .​
Before reaching the historical sea caves, you'll have a​ chance to​ get up close and personal with sea lions, stingrays, and other aquatic life that reside within these canals .​
In fact, it's even said that harbor seals sit perched among the rocks of​ the water and wave at​ their visitors who pass by!
However, kayaking in​ San Diego is​ just as​ fun in​ the fall and winter as​ it​ is​ in​ the summer .​
Winter is​ known to​ be a​ season of​ hibernation and mating, and that's exactly what you'll find as​ you explore Baja's Pacific Coast! During the colder seasons, gray whales leave their homeland of​ the Arctic Ocean and make their way to​ the inviting warmth of​ Baja .​
In the months of​ December and January, the whales mate and give birth .​
Take advantage of​ a​ guided tour from La Jolla Shores during this time, and experience the thrill of​ viewing these amazing animals in​ person .​
If you plan to​ visit San Diego with small children, there are opportunities for them to​ experience the fun of​ kayaking as​ well .​
In areas of​ Monterey and Elkhorn Slough, there are very calm and tranquil waters that are perfect for children and families .​
Bay offers fascinating history and abundant marine life, while Elkhorn Slough is​ an​ excellent kayaking route for the nature and wildlife lover .​
(Often, you can spot several breeds of​ exotic birds.) The children will love the feeling of​ paddling through the water on a​ boat, and adults will enjoy the quiet ride while taking in​ some sightseeing .​
If you've ever dreamed of​ catching the biggest fish among your friends and family, then look into opportunities for kayak fishing around Monterey Bay .​
While this area is​ known for its calm and peaceful surroundings, it​ is​ also home to​ some of​ California's best fishing .​
There are several classes offered in​ the area and guided tours and trips directed towards kayak fishing .​
With so many amazing opportunities for kayaking in​ San Diego, you are sure to​ find the water adventure that's right for you and your family!

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