Where To Locate Potential Commercial Real Estate Deals

Where To Locate Potential Commercial Real Estate Deals

Where to​ Locate Potential Commercial Real Estate Deals
Locating potential commercial real estate deals can be the​ most important aspect of​ commercial real estate investing .​
In fact, without solid deals, you do not have any property in​ which to​ invest .​
It is​ really necessary to​ find the​ best deals you can so that your invested capital is​ maximized in​ its return .​
When you locate only great deals, you can do fewer deals per year and​ make an​ exorbitant amount of​ money .​
Great deals are characterized by a​ return that equals three to​ four times the​ amount of​ your investment .​
However, if​ you find only average deals, the​ return per deal can be considerably less, causing you to​ either not make as​ much money, or​ do more deals per year .​
It takes the​ same amount of​ work and​ identical processes for​ each deal, so you might as​ well do less work and​ see a​ greater return.
You must use trusted and​ solid resources to​ locate your deals .​
Although there are many options to​ find properties, as​ they are available in​ every city and​ state, you must use resources with updated and​ accurate information .​
Below you will find the​ best resources to​ assist you in​ finding deals .​
You can use each resource to​ locate the​ properties that fit within your property investment criteria .​
Some resources may work better than others, depending on your area of​ specialization.
One of​ the​ best and​ most common places to​ find commercial property is​ through commercial brokers .​
This would make sense, as​ they are the​ ones who actually have the​ properties listed .​
You can go to​ them with a​ criteria sheet or​ specific information on the​ type of​ property you would like to​ purchase .​
You can find brokers on a​ local or​ more widely spread basis, even going as​ far as​ calling brokers in​ other states .​
Most will be more than happy to​ call other brokers and​ find listings that best fit your criteria .​
They will bring you properties as​ they become available.
Another great advantage of​ a​ commercial broker is​ their ability to​ find pocket listings, or​ listings that are about to​ go on the​ market, but have not yet officially been listed .​
You can get a​ jump ahead of​ the​ competition and​ find excellent deals .​
Get in​ contact with a​ few brokers every day, and​ watch targeted properties roll in!
Another place to​ locate properties is​ on the​ internet .​
There are many sites that have hundreds of​ commercial properties for​ sale ranging from raw land to​ large retail and​ apartment complexes .​
These sites have information on both the​ property and​ the​ broker, so you can easily get in​ contact with the​ broker and​ learn more about the​ property .​
You can filter the​ information as​ you see fit, usually according to​ your specific criteria .​
One of​ the​ best sites is​ Loopnet.com .​
This site houses hundreds of​ brokers all over the​ United States who post their many listings .​
You can filter through deals very quickly and​ reach a​ larger audience than you would in​ just your own community .​
Your ability to​ build contacts also increases with so many brokers and​ agents at​ your fingertips .​
I​ urge you to​ check out these commercial real estate sites and​ see what deals you can find.
Auction houses are great places to​ locate properties of​ all conditions and​ types .​
Many times you can get excellent deals on properties that you may otherwise have to​ spend a​ lot more for​ if​ they were listed with a​ broker .​
You can get on mailing and​ e-mail lists of​ different auction houses so they notify you of​ properties that will be going to​ auction .​
This allows you time to​ investigate the​ property as​ an​ investment, before the​ actual bidding day .​
Auction houses also sometimes provide the​ option to​ purchase a​ property at​ a​ certain price before it​ goes to​ auction .​
You never know what opportunities will come along, so it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ stay in​ contact with several auction houses to​ be privy of​ the​ properties moving through their hands.
Although there are many ways to​ locate deals, these are among the​ best offered to​ the​ commercial real estate industry .​
The properties are abundant, and​ contacts can constantly be made, allowing for​ an​ ease of​ influx of​ other possible deals .​
a​ secret in​ this business is​ that the​ more contacts you have working for​ you, the​ more opportunities will be brought to​ your attention.
If you are working locally, and​ using only local resources such as​ newspapers, listings, and​ magazines, I​ urge you to​ use these other options .​
You can find local deals this way as​ well .​
It might even give you incentive to​ move out to​ your comfort zone and​ into areas where you will find even more opportunities.
Use these resources- commercial brokers, internet commercial real estate sites, and​ auction houses to​ find targeted, up to​ date, and​ numerous properties that could possibly bring your next big commercial deal!

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