Where To Find Wholesale Tanning Beds

Where To Find Wholesale Tanning Beds

It’s a​ business that has taken the​ beauty industry to​ a​ whole new level. the​ tanning salon is​ an​ up and​ coming business even in​ spite of​ warnings that too much sun exposure is​ not good for​ your skin. the​ most successful salons start with good business practices, such as​ knowing where to​ get there wholesale tanning beds, as​ well as​ good education for​ their clients on how to​ get a​ deep rich tan without harming their skin.

Making the​ List

Business listings are a​ hot commodity and​ well worth the​ small investment. You can purchase listings of​ wholesale tanning bed suppliers and​ have right at​ your fingertips all of​ the​ top wholesalers in​ the​ industry. This allows you to​ compare wattage and​ bed size along with features from the​ dozens of​ types of​ tanning beds and​ booths all in​ one place and​ then select the​ best priced products.

You can find business wholesaler lists for​ sale online. Ebay has a​ competitive market place for​ preparing to​ break into the​ sunless tanning market.

Options and​ Features

Wholesalers sell to​ beauty salons, hair cut shops, and​ electric “beaches” all over the​ world. it​ may seem like a​ relatively simple task to​ furnish your business with tanning beds, but it​ is​ the​ most important asset you will acquire. if​ the​ beds are great, the​ customers won’t return.

In selecting tanning beds, you should consider the​ wattage of​ the​ bed. Those with higher wattage bulb capabilities will be able to​ support a​ higher price. Customers will be willing to​ pay the​ $9 or​ $10 per session because they can tan in​ one half the​ time of​ a​ lower wattage bed that rents for​ $5 or​ $6 a​ session. These “super” beds also use more electricity and​ more expensive bulbs, so that is​ something to​ factor into your feasibility studies.

A good tanning bed or​ booth also has fans or​ built in​ air conditioning. Even in​ the​ dead of​ winter, salon rooms and​ beds in​ particular can get quite warm. the​ sheer number of​ bulbs heats up the​ space in​ no time. a​ built in​ fan that can be adjusted by the​ client during the​ session without having to​ sit up or​ look around for​ the​ dial or​ buttons is​ an​ important feature.

Music also adds to​ the​ tanning experience. if​ your bed is​ equipped with personal speakers and​ controls for​ a​ radio station, the​ client has the​ option of​ selecting his or​ her own choice of​ music or​ news. This is​ preferable to​ having to​ pipe one type of​ music in​ that may not appeal to​ all ages.

If a​ client wants something peaceful and​ relaxing to​ listen to​ while “basking” in​ the​ tanning bed, it​ will be an​ annoyance to​ have to​ listen to​ Rap being played over building’s sound system. On the​ other hand, some tanners may like dancing around in​ a​ tanning booth and​ want to​ choose something more upbeat.

As you start your business of​ making summer available no matter what the​ weather is​ outside, consider the​ times clients may want to​ tan. if​ they are looking to​ get a​ base tan before a​ vacation, offer special holiday packages. Also, products can help enhance the​ tanning experience. Keep a​ supply of​ indoor tanning lotions and​ crèmes to​ offer clients upon arrival. Just remember it​ all starts with your wholesale tanning beds. if​ the​ bed isn’t the​ best, then nothing else will matter.

Where To Find Wholesale Tanning Beds

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