Where To Find Weather Information For Malaga And The Costa Del Sol

Where To Find Weather Information For Malaga And The Costa Del Sol

An accurate Malaga weather forecast is​ important when planning a​ vacation. Luckily, Malaga has some of​ the best weather in​ the country. This area gets very little rain, and virtually none in​ the summer. There are approximately 300 sunny days in​ the year in​ this city.

In general, the climate in​ the area can be described as​ a​ typical Mediterranean climate. Malaga is​ one of​ the hottest areas on the Costa del Sol. The mountain keeps the winds away in​ the summer and winter. The area has a​ mild climate with little rainfall. For this reason, the area is​ a​ popular vacation destination in​ all seasons.

The favourable weather in​ Malaga makes it​ a​ perfect destination to​ enjoy the outdoors all year. There are many outdoor activities available year round in​ this area. Fishing, golf, hiking, boating, water skiing and horseback riding are some of​ the popular outdoor activities enjoyed by tourists.

Golf enthusiasts like to​ travel to​ this area. Golf holidays are popular year round in​ Malaga. There are fine hotels and golf resorts located in​ this area. Fall and winter golf vacations are a​ good choice for off season travel. The weather is​ warm and dry enough to​ get plenty of​ time on the course.

The weather in​ this region is​ favourable for the growth of​ semi tropical vegetation. The local flora and fauna includes palm trees, cypress and hibiscus.

Malaga Weather Forecast for Spring and Summer

The average temperatures in​ Spring range from a​ high of​ 18-22 degrees Celsius. The low temperatures, usually at​ night, are between 11 and 15 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall for the Costa del Sol is​ between 20 and 30 mm in​ the month of​ may, 40 mm in​ April. This can vary from year to​ year, with 10 mm in​ one year and 40 the next.

Summer is​ the most popular tourist travel season on the Costa del Sol. The temperatures in​ the summer range from a​ high of​ 29 to​ a​ low of​ 18 degrees Celsius. There is​ little rainfall in​ the summer time. The average rainfall is​ between 0 and 4 mm per month. The majority of​ the days are warm and sunny.

Malaga Weather Forecast for Autumn and Winter

The weather in​ the Fall is​ nearly as​ warm as​ the summer. This is​ a​ good time to​ travel if​ you want to​ avoid the crowds, but still enjoy the warmer temperatures. The average temperature in​ the fall is​ between 19 and 27 degrees Celsius for the high. The low temperature is​ between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius. Average rainfall for the autumn months is​ between 20 and 30 mm.

Temperatures drop in​ the winter, but the weather is​ still relatively mild. The average temperature in​ winter is​ a​ low of​ 8 and a​ high of​ 17 degrees Celsius. The Malaga area is​ protected from the colder Northern winds by the mountain chain. This helps to​ keep the weather warm in​ the winter.

Getting the Malaga Weather Forecast

You can get the local forecast for this area on television, in​ local newspapers or​ on the internet. if​ travelling from a​ distance, you may want to​ keep track of​ the weather patterns on the internet in​ the weeks leading up to​ your trip.

A good weather forecast can help you plan your vacation days. You can get a​ seven or​ ten day forecast on the internet. Check the forecast in​ the days leading up to​ your vacation. This will help you plan your activities. Save the best days for outdoor activities and any rainy days can be spent visiting indoor tourist attractions.

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