Where To Find Extreme Sporting Opportunities In California

Where To Find Extreme Sporting Opportunities In California

Where to​ Find Extreme Sporting Opportunities in​ California
California is​ a​ land of​ extremes; from deserts to​ beaches to​ forests to​ rivers, it​ has it​ all .​
It's no wonder that extreme sporting has taken off in​ California - the​ geographical diversity offered make it​ easy to​ find just the​ thrill you were seeking, no matter where in​ the​ state you're visiting.
As far as​ water sports goes, there are a​ wide variety of​ opportunities to​ raise your adrenalin level! the​ waves on the​ beach offer some crazy surfing opportunities, and​ then there’s kayaking, snorkeling, deep-sea diving, and​ wind-surfing .​
if​ it​ can be done on water, it​ can be done in​ California.
If staying on dry land whilst seeking a​ rush appeals to​ you, check out the​ rock climbing opportunities that are available .​
the​ popular huge boulders in​ Bishop offer a​ world-class challenge to​ climbers wanting to​ show their skills .​
if​ you're down in​ the​ south of​ California and​ want to​ try your hand at​ rock climbing, check out the​ Joshua Tree National Monument in​ the​ Mojave Desert .​
the​ heat is​ intense during the​ summer (over 100 degrees regularly) so either be prepared for​ an​ added natural element challenge, or​ plan your trip during winter time .​
of​ course, there are those who consider the​ heat to​ be part of​ the​ extreme experience – so it’s up to​ each climber how extreme they want to​ be!
If aerial is​ more your thing, you'll be happy to​ hear that California is​ home to​ countless skydiving companies .​
There are schools to​ teach you how to​ do it, and​ companies are willing to​ take anyone from the​ first timer to​ the​ most experienced jumper out on a​ run .​
the​ rush of​ purposefully jumping out of​ a​ plane is​ second to​ none, although your friends may question your sanity!
If extreme sports is​ your thing, then you’ll find that California is​ the​ ideal place to​ vacation!

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