Where Should Kitty Sleep

Where Should Kitty Sleep?
Finding somewhere for your new kitten to​ sleep is​ a​ basic requirement when you first bring kitty home .​
It also needs to​ be something you give a​ lot of​ thought to​ before you go to​ pick the kitten up!
Many people have very strong ideas about this .​
They don’t want the kitten to​ sleep anywhere but in​ its own bed – perhaps a​ basket that’s been bought especially for it .​
They certainly don’t want kitty finding its way into bedrooms or​ sleeping on sofas/armchairs .​
Then there are other cat owners who have no intention of​ segregating their kitty from its human family and allow it​ to​ choose where it​ wants to​ sleep .​
There is​ no right or​ wrong decision on this, the only right decision is​ what’s right for your family .​
What you do need to​ do however is​ make the decision, and the preparations prior to​ introducing your kitty to​ its new environment.
If you decide that you want the kitten to​ sleep in​ its own bed – either in​ your bedroom, or​ in​ the kitchen or​ other part of​ the house – then you need to​ ensure you give adequate thought to​ this .​
You are bringing into your home a​ baby cat, a​ kitty who has just that day been taken from its mother .​
It may well be happy to​ play and be fussed over when people are around, but once everyone goes to​ bed, kitty’s going to​ feel very much alone and scared .​
If you have a​ blanket that his mother had been sleeping on and still has her scent, place this in​ his sleeping basket and it​ will give him a​ little security .​

Unless you want to​ give the kitten the idea that it’s ok for it​ to​ sleep on your bed, you shouldn’t bring it​ to​ bed even on the first few nights when it’s mewing for its momma .​
That would be setting a​ precedent that you will find hard to​ break once he gets into a​ habit of​ sleeping beside you .​
Instead you need to​ think about camping out on the floor next to​ his bed for a​ few nights until he gets used to​ his new surroundings.
Should you decide instead that kitty is​ welcome to​ sleep in​ whichever bed he prefers, then you need to​ take a​ few safety precautions to​ ensure that he isn’t suffocated or​ squished during the night .​
Arrange pillows or​ rolled towels around him to​ act as​ a​ buffer between and him – or​ if​ he has a​ small basket, see if​ there’s a​ place this can sit on the bed without being in​ danger of​ being kicked off!
Wherever you think the kitty is​ going to​ sleep, be prepared to​ get up and find him somewhere else! Cats in​ general have a​ tendency to​ be opinionated and do their own thing regardless of​ how it​ fits into your plans, so accept this from the get-go, and then if​ you try to​ get kitty excited about where you want him to​ sleep and fail, find a​ compromise that you can both be happy about!

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