Where Do The Millionaires Sell On The Web

Where Do The Millionaires Sell On The Web

No one disputes the​ fact that the​ internet is​ moving people from dead end jobs to​ true wealth in​ a​ matter of​ months.

Whether your idea of​ true wealth is​ $1 million,​ or​ a​ business with 20 employees,​ there are hundreds of​ people who have done it​ before.

The internet is​ a​ gold mine that makes some rich,​ but has one of​ the​ highest failure rates of​ any business – probably in​ the​ history of​ mankind.

Most people flounder around the​ net trying to​ run private shopping carts,​ buying SSL certificates,​ and finding traffic.

They try building their own content management systems and generating inbound links. the​ average online business quits in​ six months,​ or​ flounders for almost two years,​ before they learn how the​ ‘success stories’ make their money on​ the​ web.

Fulfilment Through Amazon.com

No one serious building wealth builds their own shopping carts,​ taking orders,​ and shipping product. That is​ what a​ fulfilment company is​ for. You all know a​ fulfilment company,​ but you have never realized what they can offer you – Amazon.com.

That is​ right. Amazon.com is​ not,​ just,​ a​ book selling website. Their fulfilment program lets anyone send product to​ their warehouse. the​ Amazon.com site takes the​ orders,​ packs and ships,​ collects the​ money,​ and then sends the​ web business their share.

Most fulfilment companies cost $.50 - $1.00 per item,​ or​ a​ commission based on​ size and weight. There is​ often a​ skid rental of​ $25 - $50 a​ month which more than covers the​ time needed to​ build and maintain a​ private website.


Everyone knows that Ebay is​ the​ world’s largest auction site. However,​ few people know that they own Prostores,​ a​ company that helps Internet Businesses sell their product. the​ power of​ Ebay selling. the​ credibility of​ a​ private store.


Security is​ the​ key to​ internet sales. Millions will buy from an​ Amazon store,​ or​ Ebay,​ who would never buy from a​ private website. the​ fear of​ Identity Theft and phishing have taken a​ big chunk out of​ small business income. That is​ why Paypal,​ an​ ebay company,​ works so hard to​ make their service appear to​ be part of​ the​ consumer’s website.


Do you need traffic? Then don’t worry about Social Networking,​ page rank,​ or​ Pay Per Click Programs. Buy the​ top spot. That is​ right,​ the​ first to​ ‘highlighted’ spaces on​ keyword searches can be purchased,​ sometimes for as​ little as​ $15 a​ month.

These two spots are not a​ part of​ the​ pay per click program. They are rented at​ a​ set fee.

Another way to​ increase traffic is​ to​ sign up with www.Adbrite.com . This type of​ company rents space at​ a​ fixed cost,​ or​ PPC,​ and expands to​ accept image,​ text,​ or​ even video ads.

Adbrite is​ an​ industry standard because it​ is​ the​ favourite of​ content management publishers,​ the​ big community websites.

Adbrite doesn’t have a​ sliding scale,​ like Google,​ or​ Yahoo. This means that the​ site gets the​ money earned,​ not what the​ ad company wants to​ pay.

Internet Marketing

A great internet marketing campaign needs a​ good product to​ sell. Without a​ good product,​ and a​ great distribution system,​ no business,​ no matter how much potential it​ has,​ will succeed – especially on​ the​ net.

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