When Your Home Is Not Selling

When Your Home Is Not Selling

When Your Home is​ Not Selling
As the​ real estate market returns to​ a​ normal pattern of​ buying and selling,​ some sellers are easily frustrated .​
If your home is​ not selling,​ here are a​ few practical tips .​
When Your Home Isn’t Selling
Selling a​ home is​ similar to​ a​ job interview or​ a​ first date .​
Presentation tends to​ go a​ long way in​ determining the​ outcome .​
That might sound a​ bit shallow,​ but it​ is​ simply a​ fact of​ life in​ many endeavors including real estate .​
To this end,​ sellers have developed bad habits when it​ comes selling their home out of​ the​ recent hot seller’s market .​
a​ few basic tips can get you​ back on​ track .​

Most real estate comes with a​ garage .​
If you​ have lived in​ the​ property for any amount of​ time,​ you​ have undoubtedly stored numerous things in​ your garage .​
I​ have! When the​ time comes to​ sell your property,​ however,​ you​ need to​ give your garage the​ once over .​
Items you​ consider priceless heirlooms might be considered junk by buyers .​
a​ messy garage is​ also a​ negative .​
Remember,​ buyers expect you​ to​ have the​ home in​ pristine condition .​
Anything that does not reflect that will hurt you​ in​ the​ eyes of​ these individuals .​
Undoubtedly,​ your home has some amazing interior features .​
Instead of​ just assuming the​ potential buyer understands the​ value of​ them,​ you​ should highlight the​ features .​
The best method for doing this is​ lighting .​
Make sure you​ have sufficient lighting in​ the​ relevant area by opening drapes or​ going with more powerful light bulbs .​
If you​ have beautiful marble flooring and counters in​ your kitchen,​ make sure there is​ sufficient lighting to​ make them stand out .​

Your lawn is​ the​ first thing a​ potential buyer is​ going to​ see when they pull up to​ the​ property .​
Keep it​ trimmed and cut back any jungles .​
Give some thought to​ the​ walkway to​ the​ front door .​
Planting flowers and such can go along way .​

Make sure the​ entrance is​ a​ positive aspect of​ your home,​ not a​ negative .​
Make sure the​ front door is​ in​ perfect shape .​
The entry area should also be focused on​ .​
Add plants,​ rugs and what have you​ to​ make a​ good impression .​
Next,​ walk in​ through the​ front door and take in​ the​ view .​
is​ there anything that gives you​ pause and can be improved? If so,​ do it!
The real estate market has cooled to​ the​ extent that homes are not selling in​ three days anymore .​
Return to​ the​ basic fundamentals of​ selling a​ home is​ the​ key to​ getting the​ offer you​ need.

When Your Home Is Not Selling

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