When Web Hosting Consider Dedicated Servers

When Web Hosting Consider Dedicated Servers

There is​ hosting and​ then there is​ hosting and​ then there is​ hosting. But, what really is​ the​ difference between one type of​ hosting and​ another.

To begin with there are the​ usual issues related to​ hosting: the​ speed, the​ disk space, the​ bandwidth, the​ price, and​ the​ like. But today I am going to​ point out one important parameter about hosts that you might overlook, but should not. That almighty parameter is: Who else is​ hosted on the​ same server as​ you are?

Are you puzzled about why that is​ an​ important issue? Well, there isn't really any reason to​ be puzzled. When you live in​ a​ particular home, are you not concerned with who lives in​ the​ same neighborhood? Which other websites inhabit your server is​ a​ matter of​ similar concern.

To begin with, the​ horror of​ hosting a​ website is​ to​ find it​ exists in​ a​ bad neighborhood. Here are some of​ the​ things that can do wrong with a​ bad neighborhood:

* if​ someone else, I repeat, not you, but someone else has been using your server to​ email spam, then your server could already be in​ the​ list of​ blacklisted servers. This means that your mail could end up in​ the​ junk mailbox of​ the​ receiver. Some of​ the​ more aggressive spam filters would actually prevent your mail from ever reaching.

* Regardless of​ your online marketing strategy, a​ significant portion of​ your traffic will originate from search engines. if​ the​ other web sites on your server are in​ the​ bad books of​ the​ search engine, your site could be devalued too. This is​ especially true if​ you also share the​ same IP.

The list can go on. Indeed, it​ can get scarier. But without much more ado, let me jump to​ the​ solution to​ all these problems. Are you ready? Well, the​ simple solution is​ to​ get dedicated web hosting. This means that your site or​ sites are on a​ server that is​ dedicated to​ your web sites.

That is​ not the​ only advantage of​ a​ dedicated host. You are basically in​ full control over the​ kind of​ software you load, the​ kind of​ programs you run. the​ kind of​ background processes you run. the​ nature of​ your back up strategy. and​ a​ whole lot more.

Dedicated hosting does cost more. So that is​ something you will have to​ evaluate against the​ benefits you get. in​ any case, an​ informed choice is​ better than an​ uninformed one.

When Web Hosting Consider Dedicated Servers

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