When Vacationing In Las Vegas You Have A Choice A Hotel Off The Strip Does Offer Advantages

When Vacationing In Las Vegas You Have A Choice A Hotel Off The Strip
Does Offer Advantages

Everyone knows of​ the​ Las Vegas Strip; the​ lights,​ the​ sights,​ the​ sounds and unfortunately the​ crowds and the​ traffic. the​ home of​ big hotels with thousands of​ rooms such as​ MGM Grand and the​ Venetian. Some of​ the​ best dining to​ be found anywhere and high prices to​ match. World class entertainment. And of​ course the​ casinos,​ with table games and slot machines as​ far as​ the​ eye can see. But when it​ comes time to​ plan your vacation,​ staying off the​ strip can present some advantages.

Most of​ the​ hotels and casinos located off the​ Strip are referred to​ as​ 'local's casinos.' This is​ due to​ the​ fact that locals,​ those of​ us who live and work in​ Las Vegas,​ do not frequent the​ Strip casinos that often. we​ prefer to​ stay close to​ home and have found that many of​ these casinos offer amenities similar to​ those on​ the​ Strip. And the​ best part is​ the​ prices you pay for these amenities are less than what you would pay in​ the​ better known casinos on​ the​ Strip.

The Green Valley Ranch Resort is​ by far one of​ the​ best off-strip hotels in​ Las Vegas.

Actually,​ Green Valley Ranch is​ not located in​ Las Vegas,​ but in​ the​ city of​ Henderson. it​ is​ easy to​ travel to​ the​ Strip either by car or​ taxi and your no more than 15 minutes away. Room rates generally start from $139 a​ night,​ of​ course this depends on​ what time of​ year you are planning to​ travel to​ Las Vegas. the​ décor of​ the​ rooms is​ comfy and contemporary without being overly modern and intimidating. When you reserve your room and when you check-in be sure to​ ask for a​ room that offers a​ view of​ the​ Strip.

There are so many dining options at​ Green Valley Ranch you will never need to​ have a​ meal at​ the​ same place twice. On the​ high-end you will find Hank's,​ a​ steakhouse and martini bar. or​ you may prefer some Asian fare or​ sushi at​ China Spice. if​ an​ Italian meal is​ more of​ you liking then head over to​ Terre Verde. Sure there aren't big-name celebrity chef's attached to​ these restaurants but you also won't pay the​ big prices for those chefs,​ as​ you will at​ the​ restaurants located on​ the​ Strip.

One of​ the​ local's favorites at​ Green Valley Ranch is​ the​ Original Pancake House. a​ Las Vegas institution since 1953,​ the​ Original Pancake House serves breakfast,​ lunch and dinner and it​ is​ all reasonably priced. But as​ the​ name suggests they are famous for their breakfasts,​ especially their huge omelets and the​ incredible variety of​ pancakes. Whether you plan to​ go for breakfast,​ lunch or​ dinner you must order breakfast.

The Feast Buffet and the​ Grand Cafe both offer great value and quality food. the​ buffet can get very busy on​ the​ weekends and in​ the​ evenings. Try to​ stop by for breakfast or​ lunch during the​ week or​ arrive early for dinner. When the​ local's are out on​ force on​ the​ weekends,​ there will always be a​ wait,​ but usually you will never wait longer than 20 to​ 30 minutes. the​ menu at​ the​ Grand Cafe covers breakfast,​ lunch and dinner and they are open 24 hours.

After the​ sun sets you can put on​ your dancing shoes or​ if​ you just prefer a​ cocktail or​ two you have options without traveling to​ the​ Strip. How about a​ hearty beer at​ Quinn's Irish Pub or​ a​ drink in​ the​ center of​ the​ casino at​ the​ Drop Bar. if​ you wish for a​ little more excitement head outdoors to​ Whiskey Beach and party under the​ stars and around the​ pools. You can even take off those dancing shoes and run your toes thought the​ sandy beach.

If you want to​ take in​ a​ show you probably should head to​ the​ Strip. the​ only entertainment at​ Green Valley Ranch,​ besides the​ movie theaters,​ is​ the​ occasional concert in​ the​ Ovation club or​ at​ Whiskey Beach. if​ you are looking for something on​ the​ caliber of​ Cirque du Soleil or​ Celine Dion plan a​ evening on​ the​ Strip and book your tickets well in​ advance.

Shopping at​ Green Valley Ranch does not come close to​ the​ offerings on​ the​ Strip,​ but you can spend a​ nice relaxing afternoon at​ the​ District. Located adjacent to​ the​ casino,​ the​ District has small shops and big name stores such as​ Sharper Image and REI all in​ an​ outdoor setting. There are also many restaurants most offering outdoor terraces so you can enjoy your meal under that warm Las Vegas sun.

If you plan on​ doing some gambling during your stay one of​ the​ first things you should do is​ sign-up for their players club. the​ Boarding Pass,​ as​ they call it,​ gives you more generous rewards than the​ casinos on​ the​ Strip. You can even sign-up before you leave home on​ their website. the​ rewards can add up fast and who wouldn't like a​ free meal?

While you are visiting their website to​ sign-up for the​ player's club it​ would be worth your while to​ give your email address. This can be especially beneficial if​ your travel dates are flexible or​ if​ you are not yet sure when you will be traveling to​ Las Vegas. Periodically they will send you promotional offers for great package deals or​ special room rates.

Booking a​ hotel room off the​ Strip does not mean you have to​ sacrifice luxury,​ comfort or​ convenience. the​ Green Valley Ranch Resort is​ a​ prime example of​ this. it​ does mean you can have all the​ benefits offered by the​ big-name hotels,​ like Wynn Las Vegas or​ Bellagio. You can always take that excursion to​ the​ Strip,​ but you can also escape the​ big crowds and retreat to​ a​ more relaxed setting. And the​ best part,​ your pocket book will have a​ little more cash in​ it​ so you can enjoy a​ few more hands of​ blackjack.

When Vacationing In Las Vegas You Have A Choice A Hotel Off The Strip
Does Offer Advantages

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