When Shopping For A New Car Make Sure To Shop For The Best Insurance Rates As Well

When Shopping For A New Car Make Sure To Shop For The Best Insurance
Rates As Well

Most people spend more time shopping for​ their car than they do shopping for​ the​ best auto insurance rates. This is​ a​ mistake. as​ a​ smart consumer, you need to​ allot time for​ getting the​ best rate for​ your insurance. Your three goals are getting the​ best insurance rates, getting the​ best financing and​ getting the​ best price.

If you don't shop around for​ the​ best rate your insurance premium can be more than your car payment. I've seen it​ happen and​ it's not pretty. You are all happy and​ excited about your new car up until you find out how much the​ insurance is​ going to​ cost you. Then you struggle just to​ make the​ insurance payments. or​ worse, you cut coverages to​ keep within your budget. for​ example, having the​ highest deductible, $1,000-$2,000.

It's not hard to​ shop around for​ the​ best rate either. There are several comparison sites that will give you several quotes from multiple insurance companies to​ make sure you get the​ best rate. Use them. it​ only takes 10-15 minutes and​ it​ can save you from plenty of​ financial headaches. Just like the​ Geico commerical says, "15 minutes could save you 15% or​ more," 15 minutes on a​ insurance comparison site will guarantee you get the​ best car insurance rates available.

When you do shop around, always be sure to​ have a​ copy of​ your current policy available for​ comparison. This will make getting the​ quote as​ painless as​ possible. That way you compare all the​ coverages and​ make sure you are getting the​ same discounts with the​ new company as​ the​ old one.

One thing that can surprise you is​ monthly payment fees so be on the​ lookout for​ these. Some companies charge you a​ monthly fee when you make monthly payments, maybe $3-$4 a​ month. That's an​ extra $36-$48 a​ year you need to​ factor into your comparisons.

There's nothing like thinking you're getting a​ great deal only to​ find out it's a​ good deal once all the​ dust is​ settled and​ you get your new policy. if​ you're only going to​ save a​ few dollars a​ month after you switch to​ the​ new company maybe it's best to​ stay put. Sometimes you will lose loyalty discounts with your current company that you won't get with the​ new company. or​ the​ customer service or​ claims service is​ great at​ the​ current company. These days that is​ worth more than a​ few dollars a​ month to​ me so keep these small things factored into the​ equation.

Shopping for​ car insurance is​ quick and​ easy and​ you may even save hundreds of​ dollars per year. All it​ takes is​ about 15 minutes. Make sure you put 'shop for​ car insurance' on your car wishlist when you go car shopping.

When Shopping For A New Car Make Sure To Shop For The Best Insurance
Rates As Well

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