When Opportunity Knocks... 7 Unconventional Ways To Prepare For Your Chance Of A Lifetime

Usual advice to​ entrepreneurs focuses on practicalities like learning to​ evaluate the market, write a​ business plan or​ raise money. But this assumption that we’ve already found the perfect idea or​ business opportunity is​ just plain wrong!

As a​ kid I dreamed that someday I would have my own business. in​ my 20’s I kept my eyes open, freelanced a​ bit and even had a​ little web start up with a​ friend that turned out to​ be more of​ a​ hobby than a​ sustainable venture. I completed an​ MBA and studied entrepreneurship, and along the way I wrote a​ number of​ appealing business plans. Unfortunately, none of​ those businesses were appealing to​ me.

Truth was I didn’t know what my dream looked like. I was surrounded by great opportunity but I hadn’t spent enough time honing my receptors to​ know which opportunity was right for me.

What was missing was the atypical business advice: to​ find my perfect business opportunity I had to​ find myself first. I needed to​ assess ME before I could even look at​ the market!

How will you recognize the idea or​ business opportunity that is​ the perfect fit for you? Do you know what gives you the passion and energy that you’ll need to​ start a​ business? Steel your courage and get ready to​ dive in: knowing yourself objectively, good and bad, inside and out, is​ essential for recognizing your perfect opportunities.

Here are some unconventional ideas to​ help you prime your entrepreneurial pump:

1.Specialize – in​ Yourself

Take the time to​ inventory your most important values and goals. Evaluate your strengths as​ well as​ your blind spots. Remember that it’s not easy to​ read the label when you’re inside the bottle, so solicit help from friends you respect and who know you well. My friend Jim was stunned to​ realize that not everyone loved talking to​ people the way he does. He had discounted his talent for networking because for him it’s as​ natural as​ breathing and he assumed everyone could do it. These overlooked gifts are often our easiest, most energizing and valuable skills.

2.Generalize – in​ the World

You’re an​ expert in​ your field, no doubt, but don’t forget that there is​ a​ whole world out there. Be curious and pay attention to​ different industries, trends and patterns. Many of​ the biggest breakthroughs come from making connections between previously unrelated needs. Visit the newsstand once a​ week to​ pick up a​ publication you would otherwise never read. Watch the ideas start flowing. Collect the ideas that are most intriguing to​ you. Are there any patterns?

3.Take a​ Vacation

Sometimes a​ break from your routine is​ needed to​ reconnect with your creativity, insights and passions. Have you ever been driving a​ car or​ daydreaming in​ the shower when suddenly an​ amazing revelation pops into your head? a​ relaxing vacation can have the same effect on a​ grander scale. Give yourself time to​ dream.

4.Prepare Your Financial Attitudes

You’ve heard all the advice about preparing your bank account for the big leap, but you must also tune up your money attitudes. an​ off-kilter relationship with money can derail your entrepreneurial dream. My client Lori, whose business was slipping, examined her beliefs and found she wanted to​ protect money, and thus failed to​ take needed risk. Now that she’s more comfortable with money, and bolder, her business is​ thriving! Appreciate money as​ your would a​ business partner and create a​ good relationship with it, before you start the company.

5.Kick Butt at​ Work

While you develop your entrepreneurial dreams, redouble your commitment to​ your current job. Do great work for co-workers and clients. Develop relationships and a​ sterling reputation. So what if​ these people are not among your first customers, they can become your greatest advocates! Do your day job to​ the best of​ your ability and be someone that others are proud to​ refer.

6.Befriend Your Fears

We all have them – big, tummy-knotting fears or​ little nagging, “I’m not good enough” worries. Learn to​ recognize the limiting perceptions or​ attitudes that may become speed-bumps on your way to​ success. When acknowledged, these fears become allies that will actually make you more successful: Business owner, Lisa, is​ a​ creative visionary who shivers at​ the thought of​ implementation. For sure, she will want to​ hire a​ crackerjack implementer for her team. Seek opportunities that minimize the effects of​ your fears, or​ consciously prepare to​ accommodate them with additional training, specific people in​ your team or​ advantageous alliances.

7.Discover – and Live -- Your Personal Brand

When people’s perception of​ you is​ in​ sync with the real you, life gets a​ whole lot easier. Act consistently on your values and beliefs, and people will recognize what you stand for, what you can be counted on to​ do, and how you will do it. This makes it​ easy for others to​ introduce you to​ the perfect people, the perfect companies, and perfect ideas. an​ authentic personal brand gives you a​ high likelihood of​ finding the perfect opportunity. After all, your unique dream comes from who you really are.

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