When It Comes To Web 2 0 Why You Gotta Be Hatin

When It Comes To Web 2 0 Why You Gotta Be Hatin

It's been said that for​ every culture, there's a​ counter-culture. Every action has an​ equal and​ opposite reaction, right? the​ latter effect against highly stylized and​ uber-modern Web 2.0 design (for unfortunate lack of​ a​ better phrase) has been swift. and​ in​ large part, I believe, unjustly served.

I've got designers telling me that if​ they see another gradient, another cute gel icon ... another 24px Trebuchet header for​ god's sake, they're throwing in​ the​ towel.

Perhaps you're sick of​ it​ too. But ask yourself: does it​ work?

A good designer needs to​ work above trends, above what's fashionable. a​ good designer mustn't incorporate or​ consider style for​ style's sake. a​ good designer must ... design good. That is, he must motivate the​ user to​ go, to​ do, to​ click "Next", to​ subscribe or​ sign up, to​ sell the product.

Good design is​ not about what's pretty or​ popular or​ the​ next big thing. It's also not about looking hip to​ your design colleagues because you happen to​ be bucking the​ trend du jour. Doing so only means you wind up designing for​ the​ trend demain.

Ben Hunt (of webdesignfromscratch.com) lays out the​ key touchstones of​ Web 2.0 design:
  • Simple layout
  • 3D effects, used sparingly
  • Soft, neutral background colours
  • Strong colour, used sparingly
  • Cute icons, used sparingly
  • Plenty of​ whitespace
  • Nice big text

It doesn't get much simpler than that. What's the​ point? These elements work. Don't buck a​ trend just because you want to​ be different. Be above the​ trends and​ counter-trends. Recognize what works. and​ utilize it​ the​ best way you can.

In Ben's words, "I'm glad to​ say that web design in​ 2018 is​ better than ever ... more web designers know more about how to​ design than ever before."

Here here.

When It Comes To Web 2 0 Why You Gotta Be Hatin

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