When Is It Time To Change Your Web Hosting Provider

Building a​ web site is​ the​ easy part, getting it​ hosted right is​ difficult. There are many options like Host way, iPowerWeb, Homestead, which are paid hosts and​ many free ones like GeoCities.

The cost of​ a​ paid service would be between US$ 5 and​ US$10 a​ month. the​ most immediate advantage is​ that you pass on the​ burden of​ storage, security, and​ bandwidth to​ another’s shoulders.

A good host whether paid or​ free should have in​ place:

• Usable web design tools. and​ an​ updated server software.

• E-commerce advice as​ well as​ options likes form remailer, chat, or​ bulletin board.

• Remote access. Allows access to​ and​ uploading of​ files from anywhere in​ the​ world.

• Unparalleled services. Answers to​ technical questions as​ well as​ solutions to​ problems. Customer service must be 24x7 in​ actuality.

• Plan options.

• Sufficient disk space and​ bandwidth.

• A 24x7 uptime.

• A free trial option.

• Quality Internet connection plans. the​ host should be clear about what they can offer for​ example, if​ they offer T1 then it​ allows only 1.544 Mbps while an​ OC-256 allows 13,000 Mbps.

• Server speeds that are not hindered by the​ number of​ sites being accessed simultaneously. Ping a​ site and​ see the​ response time.

• Processors that can take immense load and​ not slow down the​ site’s transmission.

• Tight and​ dependable security measures. Ensure that your site will be protected from unwanted intrusions. Security protocols should be clearly outlined. the​ hosting company must have plans in​ place to​ upgrade and​ maintain security measures.

Sadly a​ web hosting dream can become a​ nightmare when: the​ host does not keep promises, the​ site outgrows the​ hosting plan, there are no responses to​ your e-mails or​ phone calls of​ distress, the​ charges are way beyond your budget, the​ server has a​ virus or​ other problems.

Do not panic, take a​ breath and​ try and​ solve hosting problems by using web hosting talk forums. These are interactive and​ you will get many suggestions and​ offers within a​ minute or​ two of​ posting your dilemma.

Do your homework well visit one of​ the​ links below it​ will narrow as​ well as​ facilitate your work.

• HostIndex.com at​ http://www.hostindex.com/ is​ a​ well organized directory dedicated to​ aspects of​ web hosting .Has in​ depth information on the​ top 25 web hosts, domain registration, SME hosting , e-commerce advice, and​ more.

• CNet.com at​ http://reviews.cnet.com/Web_hosting/2001-6540_7-0.html is​ a​ complete directory on web hosting. Covers articles, buying advice, hosting plans, as​ well as​ news and​ developments in​ the​ field. Offers comparisons between services of​ different providers and​ invaluable editor’s ratings.

• 1st Site Free has at: http://www.1stsitefree.com/selecthost-directory.htm a​ comprehensive listing of​ various web hosting directories.

Web hosting is​ not difficult if​ you plan well, know your options, and​ keep abreast of​ technological developments.

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