When In Doubt Go Shopping

When In Doubt Go Shopping

When in​ Doubt, Go Shopping
For some reason in​ our culture, one of​ the​ best ways to​ create excitement and​ fun around an​ upcoming event is​ to​ go shopping .​
and​ when it​ comes to​ getting your son or​ daughter ready for​ kindergarten, it​ seems natural that there are going to​ have to​ be at​ least one or​ two fun outings to​ the​ mall to​ get ready for​ the​ big day.
We tend to​ think of​ mom and​ daughter as​ the​ ones who will get a​ big kick out of​ shopping .​
But if​ you have a​ little boy who is​ a​ bit giddy about that first day at​ kindergarten, that shopping trip can turn the​ first day in​ school into the​ equivalent as​ the​ fall version of​ Christmas .​
That is​ because the​ one universal things kids love to​ do is​ spend their parent’s money and​ find ways to​ get things bought for​ them .​
and​ if​ the​ entire purpose of​ the​ trip is​ to​ buy things for​ the​ child, even if​ it​ is​ just clothes and​ school supplies, the​ fun of​ going to​ the​ store and​ making those choices adds to​ the​ electricity of​ the​ coming of​ that first day to​ go to​ school.
While it​ is​ up to​ mom and​ dad to​ keep some balance and​ common sense to​ this big shopping trip, it’s a​ nice time to​ include the​ kiddo so that he or​ she can have the​ fun of​ picking out the​ new things that will be needed the​ first day at​ kindergarten .​
While it​ might be tempting to​ go out and​ buy everything for​ the​ child and​ spring them on her the​ night before school, you can get so much more mileage in​ terms of​ excitement and​ anticipation about going to​ school by taking the​ child with you to​ pick out everything from that new dress to​ the​ color of​ the​ pencils and​ the​ type of​ backpack she will use.
This will be the​ first of​ many shopping trips in​ preparation for​ school and​ you will immediately be faced with many decisions when it​ comes to​ clothing .​
Naturally as​ a​ parent, you want practical clothes that are very durable and​ maybe a​ bit too big so the​ child can grow into them .​
Your child, however, may have very different opinions about what to​ buy .​
While you would not think that a​ five year old would have a​ sense of​ fashion, when you hit the​ stores you will find that there are a​ lot of​ designs built around popular children’s show characters that will draw your child’s attention .​
It might be good to​ have a​ little talk with the​ child about spending limits and​ that mom or​ dad have the​ final say in​ what is​ bought .​
But be a​ bit flexible and​ let your child have some fun clothes .​
Not only will it​ help him or​ her fit in​ at​ school which helps with overcoming that sense of​ alienation and​ loneliness, it​ will create excitement and​ enthusiasm about going .​

Wouldn’t you far rather see your child spring out of​ bed full of​ excitement about going to​ that first day at​ kindergarten because she is​ going to​ be able to​ wear her new dress or​ he will get to​ show off his Spongebob backpack? Its not bribery if​ you are just using the​ purchase of​ things they already have to​ have to​ help them get more excited about going to​ school and​ to​ get them off on the​ right foot.
You can use the​ event of​ shopping to​ build anticipation for​ that first day by going on more than one trip .​
You can have mom go one day and​ get the​ clothes and​ then dad go out another and​ get the​ backpack .​
Additional trips might include and​ outing to​ get school supplies or​ even letting the​ little one go to​ the​ grocery store to​ have a​ say in​ what goes into lunch each day .​
the​ more they can participate, the​ more fun it​ will be and​ the​ more ownership your child will have over this exciting first day at​ school .​
and​ if​ that ownership translates into success, that is​ what everybody wants.

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