When Buying A Used Car From Its Owner Beware Of The Owner Bearing Offers

When Buying A Used Car From Its Owner Beware Of The Owner Bearing Offers

Getting started with used cars does not require a​ mortgage or​ a​ student loan, but it​ is​ not free either. Buying used cars costs money. That is​ why it​ is​ extremely important to​ know all the possible factors that might lead the buyer into buying a​ used car that is​ suspect.

In reality, it​ is​ easy for the buyer to​ get carried away by convincing sales pitches, special offers, fantastic deals, magnificent bundles, freebies, and the like. However, it​ would take a​ really smart buyer to​ get the best deal when it​ comes to​ used cars.

Hence, it​ is​ equally important to​ know the basic factors that need to​ be considered before the buyer decides on a​ particular used car, especially if​ the car will be bought directly from the owner.

Here are some tips that might help those who are planning to​ buy a​ used car from its owner.

1. When buying cars from the owner, the buyer should ask the seller for the “vehicle registration document” or​ the so-called V5. Through this document, the buyer will be able to​ know the full details of​ the car’s ownership like the name of​ the owner, the address, and other identity details.

2. if​ in​ case the V5 is​ with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or​ the DVLA, as​ told by the owner, the buyer should verify the reason. if​ it​ is​ due to​ recording purposes where the change of​ ownership shall be recorded, the seller should have a​ green slip that is​ to​ be presented to​ the buyer in​ exchange of​ the V5.

3. it​ is​ best for the buyer to​ ask the seller to​ see the insurance policy for the vehicle. if​ the seller cannot produce the document, it​ would be better not to​ buy the used car because there is​ a​ high probability that he is​ not the real owner or​ that there is​ something fraudulent with the transaction.

4. it​ is​ important to​ check if​ the identification details stipulated in​ the V5 is​ the same as​ that written in​ the driver’s license. The address and the name should be the same on the two most important documents. Other wise, it​ would be better not to​ pursue on buying the car if​ there is​ doubt on the details.

These things should never be taken for granted because if​ any of​ the conditions mentioned is​ present, there is​ a​ great chance that the car is​ stolen. Therefore, it’s better not to​ take any risk.

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