When All Is At Hand In The Kitchen Part2

When All Is At Hand In The Kitchen Part2

Sliding sections of​ cupboards are good for large and small kitchen. Because they are not wide their depths is​ used reasonably. Food is​ kept in​ the latticed boxes. Such section rolls out easily, food is​ well visible and can freely be taken out from any side. it​ is​ easy to​ roll the section back; last inches are pulled inward automatically. For those, who prefer their cupboards to​ cover the whole wall, we recommend multi-tier cupboards. it​ will allow rolling out only the necessary part. if​ you set an​ oven ergonomically, there will be no need to​ bend over. it​ would seem that nothing will be placed in​ a​ few inches. if​ you equip it​ with moving cupboard, it​ will be possible to​ place a​ lot of​ various small things.

There is​ a​ great range of​ hidden storage systems, which allow using difficultly accessible corners, niches, empty spaces effectively. For example, there is​ such an​ innovation, as​ three-level micro lift which lowers a​ shelf with all of​ its content.

There are a​ lot of​ roomy sliding baskets of​ different sizes. it​ is​ convenient to​ keep all the detergents under the sink in​ a​ sliding basket. Various open units, such as​ shelves, niches, wall panels, decorative columns with boxes give additional possibilities for space constructing and designing.

Such accessories as​ hooks for ladle, a​ stand for bottles and glasses, plates drier, appliances for paper towels, a​ trivet for hot things and others offered by modern companies also allow designing nice functional kitchens. as​ a​ rule, things contacting water or​ storage of​ detergents, a​ corner column or​ space under the sink is​ covered with stainless steel.

A drop-leaf serving table on wheels with sliding cutting board is​ very comfortable. The lower open shelf for plates is​ supplied with stoppers; the piles of​ sparkling clean plates become the element of​ interior. Such new decisions of​ space designing and logical combinations are developed as​ exclusive elements of​ kitchen furniture of​ high class. But unfortunately we change kitchens rarely. And what can be done, if​ your kitchen does not satisfy you with such innovations?

It is​ possible to​ fit wall cupboards with sliding doors in​ free niches, even when opened they do not take a​ lot of​ space, which is​ so necessary in​ a​ little room. Similar constructions extend space ideally. The revolving vertical bar will take minimum space and is​ very comfortable at​ the same time.
Use the space between a​ working surface and wall cupboards to​ fit a​ narrow shelf or​ railing system on the wall between them. it​ is​ possible to​ keep kitchen utensils which usually take space on a​ working surface on them. Consoles for holding a​ microwave on a​ wall free the working space on a​ working surface. Microwave can be placed in​ a​ cupboard.

It is​ convenient to​ hang on railings not only kitchen utensils but also small decorative things. Additional possibilities of​ sliding tables can be used not only for the evening tea-drinking but also for preparation of​ food on them. Movable or​ folding dinner-table mounted in​ a​ wall behind a​ door may be of​ service. Even a​ kitchen board can be compacted between table top and a​ sliding drawer. a​ bin is​ not that important, but if​ you place it​ right, it​ will save you from many additional movements.
Kitchen comfort is​ the absence of​ problems with finding small things, the possibility to​ find a​ maximally comfortable place for everything. it​ is​ when everything works comfortably, quietly and easily. When, professionally speaking, kitchen space is​ rationalized.

When All Is At Hand In The Kitchen Part2

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