When All Is At Hand In The Kitchen Part1

When All Is At Hand In The Kitchen Part1

Despite technological progress of​ the last decades, work at​ the kitchen remains hand work. The results of​ researches showed that when a​ kitchen is​ not designed properly it​ is​ possible to​ run a​ few miles around it​ having to​ return to​ the same workplace, to​ bend and to​ squat, and cooking and doing dishes can last for hours! if​ you are trying to​ loose weight, it​ can help. But agree that a​ kitchen is​ not the best gym.

Experiments showed that due to​ the reasonable kitchen design it​ is​ possible to​ economize up to​ 60% of​ distance and 30% of​ time. We have already written about main kitchen design methods, and equipment placement. in​ this article we will tell you about modern methods of​ reasonable placement of​ kitchen appliances that will also considerably save our efforts and time.

It is​ true not only about small kitchens. Large kitchen can be a​ problem as​ well. in​ wide kitchens a​ distance between objects can be so considerable, that the owners have to​ walk a​ lot between a​ cooker, sink, fridge and dinner-table. Often, buying a​ multi-unit kitchen furniture set, it​ is​ still necessary to​ move around in​ a​ kitchen trying not to​ touch or​ drop anything. Money is​ wasted on unnecessary meters of​ cupboards, but still there is​ no comfort. in​ fact the keystone of​ comfort is​ reasonable use of​ every square inch. Following the recommendations of​ ergonomics specialists, leading manufacturers of​ the world introduce interesting decisions, helping to​ use kitchen space in​ full.
First of​ all professionals advise us to​ adhere to​ the sequence of​ workplaces according to​ the process of​ cooking:
1. fridge, placed in​ the area of​ products storage;
2. workplace for the first cleaning of​ products;
3. washing of​ product, placing a​ bin there;
4. final preparation of​ product, cutting, chopping and etc.;
5. cooking;
6. dish serving.
Researches showed that only 20% of​ people keep all necessary things in​ a​ kitchen. Even those things that should always be at​ hand, such as​ plates, cups, pans, forks, spoons, electric devices are kept in​ spare places. Small necessary kitchen things, such as​ glue, cello tape, scissors, and lighters are kept all over the flat, and are always missing when the most needed. Reasonable internal fitting of​ modern kitchen furniture set of​ the best manufacturers makes it​ possible to​ keep everything in​ order, to​ save time and efforts of​ the owners. Thanks to​ this it​ is​ possible to​ use 99,9% of​ internal space of​ furniture set.

To save space modern furniture sets are equipped with various shelves, sliding boxes, reticulated pallets and trays. Construction of​ wall cupboards makes it​ easy to​ access things. Doors easily slide to​ one side, fold vertically, and are not in​ the way, when opened, the special systems allow fixing a​ door at​ necessary height. By the way, cupboards can carry up to​ 180 pounds — it​ allows using their space more effectively.

Modern kitchen sets are often equipped with such built-in devices as​ a​ sliding board for cutting, ceramic bread box, cupboards for small household appliances with built-in outlets, boxes for spices. There is​ a​ place for foil and tape, it​ is​ easy to​ tear off the piece of​ necessary size from it, and also there is​ a​ special place to​ store jars, wooden box covered with wool to​ store silver. There is​ a​ wide range of​ special functional elements such as: containers for covers, rails for towels, filters units, cooking books, small kitchen appliances.

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