Wheelchairs Shopping 101

Shopping for​ a​ wheelchair is​ not as​ easy as​ choosing the​ right dress for​ your date tonight. People who shop for​ a​ wheelchair for​ the​ first time are often overwhelmed by the​ number of​ choices. When you are not able to​ get the​ right wheelchair your disability will seem to​ get worse instead of​ better. Keep in​ mind that every wheelchair user will have different needs. if​ you are unsure which wheelchair to​ buy you can consult your doctor or​ therapist for​ advice.

Factors that you have to​ consider in​ choosing the​ right wheelchair includes your age, body type, gender, and​ type of​ disability. if​ speed is​ important for​ you, you may prefer an​ electric wheelchair over a​ manual chair. Wheelchair tires should also be chosen based on your driving conditions. the​ price that you pay for​ your wheelchair will depend on the​ cost of​ the​ chair itself, the​ cost of​ addition features, and​ cost of​ wheelchair accessories, cost of​ training on how to​ use the​ wheelchair, replacement parts, maintenance costs and​ future wheelchair upgrades among others.

Remember that you would perhaps use your chair for​ a​ long time. Thus, as​ expensive as​ they may seem, comfort is​ still the​ most important factor in​ buying a​ wheelchair for​ an​ uncomfortable wheelchair is​ the​ same as​ being uneasy in​ your own skin.

Buying a​ used wheelchair is​ not always a​ good idea. There is​ nothing to​ ensure you that the​ used wheelchair will fit your needs. Since wheelchairs are individually customized medical devices they are generally not meant for​ resale. Thus, choosing the​ right wheelchair requires the​ collective input of​ a​ doctor, therapist and​ you to​ make sure that the​ right wheelchair is​ matched to​ you.

Nevertheless, with the​ increasing cost of​ health care it​ is​ understandable if​ people look for​ alternatives like buying used wheelchairs or​ scooters. Just remember though that if​ you decide to​ buy a​ used wheelchair, make sure that your size and​ weight is​ within the​ capacity of​ the​ used chair. Remember also that second hand wheelchairs don’t have transferable warranties. This means that even if​ the​ warranty is​ still valid, if​ its ownership is​ transferred then the​ warranty would no longer be enforceable. So decide wisely when shopping for​ a​ used wheelchair.

To make sure that you are buying the​ right used wheelchair you can check on ads on the​ bulletin boards, websites and​ newsletters at​ your local rehabilitation hospital, independent living center or​ local disability organization. Do not rush into buying the​ first wheelchair that you see. Most importantly, do not buy a​ wheelchair simply because you like its style or​ color.

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