Wheelchair Education 101 Which One Is Right For You

Wheelchair Education 101 Which One Is Right For You

Whether you plan on being in​ a​ wheelchair for just a​ short time or​ for the duration of​ your life, it​ is​ very important to​ pick the right one for you.

With so many wheelchairs on the market today, it​ can be a​ tough task to​ undertake; but you can easily purchase the right wheelchair for you by becoming knowledgeable about your choices. Before you buy your new mode of​ transportation, it​ is​ best to​ have an​ understanding of​ the different types of​ wheelchairs.

Manual wheelchairs are wheelchairs that need to​ be controlled by the person in​ the wheelchair, or​ by somebody pushing the wheelchair. There are a​ few different types of​ manual wheelchairs – lightweight or​ sports chairs that roll easily for those with upper body strength and are designed for every day use; standard manual wheelchairs that have the traditional cross brace frame and added support, child or​ youth wheelchairs that grow with a​ child and come in​ a​ variety of​ colors and styles; specialty chairs that are specifically designed for a​ variety of​ wheelchair lifestyles and needs and institutional wheelchairs that are the most affordable, but designed only for minimal wheelchair use – commonly used for transporting people in​ hospitals and nursing homes. They are most suitable for short-term use, for those who don’t use a​ wheelchair too often or​ for those who have upper body strength. Those who have limited movement or​ a​ weak upper body may need someone to​ push them, or​ may want to​ consider the electric wheelchair.

Electric wheelchairs are wheelchairs powered by a​ motor. They were created especially for those individuals with limited or​ no body mobility, or​ for those who use wheelchairs as​ their primary source of​ getting around. They are pricier than manual wheelchairs, but the cost is​ definitely a​ wash when considering if​ your wheelchair needs are substantial.

Electric wheelchairs come in​ a​ few styles – the traditional style electric wheelchair resembles a​ manual wheelchair with the exception of​ the motor, battery and controls; and the platform electric wheelchair look more like a​ seat placed on top of​ the motor encasement.

The motor is​ often placed below the electric wheelchair in​ order to​ minimize any noise. The electric wheelchair controls are usually to​ the right or​ left of​ the arm rests, and can even be repositioned based on your wheelchair needs. People who enjoy outdoor activities regularly may need to​ be careful in​ an​ electric wheelchair – most models are designed for indoor use and can crack or​ become faulty over time. But, there are some indoor/outdoor models marketed today, and may be the outdoor enthusiast’s best electric wheelchair bet.

Sports wheelchairs differ from the traditional manual wheelchair – they are very lightweight and designed to​ withstand the normal wear and tear that goes along with a​ number of​ sporting activities. Sports wheelchairs use lightweight metals that can withstand a​ beating like titanium, chrome, aluminum and steel tubing.

The base of​ a​ sports wheelchair is​ wider than other traditional wheelchairs in​ order to​ support different sporting activities, and the center of​ gravity can be adjusted for the individual using the sports wheelchair. The sports wheelchair is​ generally affordable, but the more custom features it​ contains, the more expensive it​ will be.

Wheelchair Education 101 Which One Is Right For You

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