Whats The Best Product To Sell Online

Whats The Best Product To Sell Online

I wish I had a​ dime for every time I've been asked,​ "Tim,​ what's the​ best product to​ sell online?" I also wish I had a​ nickel for every blank stare I received when I answered: "That's simple: information." I'd have enough money to​ finance another startup or​ two.

As more and more entrepreneurs move to​ the​ Internet seeking their fortunes,​ "What's the​ best product to​ sell online,​" has become the​ number one business question of​ the​ decade.

The next question is​ always: "Why information?" Again,​ the​ answer is​ simple: because no other type of​ product is​ easier to​ create,​ faster to​ bring to​ market,​ easier to​ distribute,​ and potentially more profitable.

Many info products net as​ much as​ 75% to​ 95% profit on​ the​ initial sale after all costs have been deducted. And residual sales to​ established customers can offer 100% profit.

Informational products come in​ many forms. an​ info product can be a​ digital book (e-book" is​ the​ accepted term),​ a​ digital report or​ white paper,​ a​ piece of​ software,​ a​ website,​ a​ newsletter,​ etc. Any product that is​ informational or​ informative in​ nature can be considered an​ info product.

Here's why information is​ the​ best product to​ sell online:

Fast to​ create,​ fast to​ market
Forget a​ product development cycle that is​ years in​ the​ making. Forget an​ intense design and costly manufacturing process. I have literally created info products in​ as​ little as​ two hours and had them generating revenue shortly thereafter. if​ you have an​ appealing topic and a​ computer,​ you have all the​ tools you need to​ create an​ info product.

No inventory to​ stock
Forget filling your garage with boxes of​ cheap watches and cases of​ mega vitamins that you will never sell. When you sell information there is​ no inventory to​ stock. Your product is​ digital (I like to​ call it​ electronic air) and requires no space in​ your garage,​ just a​ little space on​ your computer. One of​ my most successful info products is​ a​ 30kb e-book that requires almost no space at​ all.

Low startup costs
When you sell information you can literally create a​ product for next to​ nothing. if​ your product is​ an​ e-book the​ only investment required will be in​ the​ time it​ takes to​ put words to​ digital paper. if​ you become an​ affiliate marketer of​ someone else's info product your investment can be zero.

You can automate the​ sales and delivery process.
Thanks to​ internet technology you can sell info products 24 hours a​ day,​ 7 days a​ week,​ and never lift a​ finger. in​ fact,​ you don't even have to​ be awake or​ at​ home to​ make money with an​ info product. I know many successful info entrepreneurs who are getting rich despite the​ fact that they work as​ little as​ an​ hour a​ day.

They check the​ website and their email,​ then go play golf or​ hang with the​ kids for the​ rest of​ the​ day. You can completely automate the​ sales and delivery process so your website does everything for you.

An automated website can give a​ potential customer your sales pitch,​ take the​ order and process the​ payment,​ deliver the​ product by email,​ and even follow up in​ a​ few days to​ make sure the​ customer is​ satisfied and offer to​ sell them additional products.

You can offer immediate access or​ delivery
Online consumers are an​ inpatient lot. They want things NOW! These are people who stand in​ front of​ the​ microwave impatiently tapping their foot and frowning at​ their watch. Selling information is​ the​ best way to​ give your customers immediate satisfaction. as​ mentioned earlier,​ an​ automated website can process the​ order and payment,​ then immediately email the​ download link for the​ product to​ your customer.

There's no shipping and handling
One of​ the​ things I never liked about selling hard goods was the​ manual process of​ taking the​ order,​ running the​ credit card,​ placing the​ order with a​ dropshipper or​ filling the​ order of​ my stock. I hated finding a​ box and packing peanuts and printing the​ label and taping it​ all up and lugging it​ to​ the​ post office. Every minute I spent filling orders was time that I was not being compensated for,​ therefore,​ my profit grew less and less with every minute spent on​ shipping and handling. Informational products require no shipping and handling. Most are delivered by email. in​ the​ time it​ takes you to​ click your mouse,​ you can deliver an​ info product.

What if​ you don't have your own info product to​ sell?
This is​ one of​ the​ most appealing aspects of​ selling information. if​ you don't have an​ info product,​ creating or​ finding one is​ much easier than you think.

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