What You Should Know About Starting A Restaurant Business

What You Should Know About Starting A Restaurant Business

One of​ the​ biggest challenges you will face when starting a​ restaurant business is​ the​ lack of​ qualified labor. With the​ growth of​ the​ food service industry there is​ a​ strong demand for qualified workers in​ an​ already diminished labor pool.

When starting a​ restaurant business,​ it​ is​ vital that you develop a​ comprehensive human resource program. the​ first step is​ to​ compile a​ job description for each level of​ employee. This will leave no doubt of​ what you expect from your employees if​ you make clear the​ job’s duties and responsibilities. This should also include any special skills or​ education you require.

Before starting a​ restaurant business you should also establish a​ pay scale for your employees. You may need to​ do a​ bit of​ research to​ see what other restaurants in​ the​ area are paying their employees. it​ wouldn’t hurt to​ pay a​ bit more as​ an​ incentive for good employees to​ stay. Establish a​ minimum and maximum rate for each position and the​ rate raises will be given for each. When you start your restaurant business you will most likely need to​ pay a​ bit more to​ bring together a​ qualified team. Waitstaff will be paid a​ bit less according to​ tipping procedures.

Each person applying for a​ job will need to​ fill out an​ application. an​ application is​ a​ signed document stating that all information on​ it​ is​ true. Even though they have a​ resume you will still need them to​ fill out the​ application. Below are a​ few tips to​ help you find and keep a​ great staff.

• Hire a​ good staff– Make sure you take the​ time to​ screen your applicants completely. Be sure they understand what you will expect from them,​ and that they are able to​ perform the​ required job. You should always do a​ background check on​ potential employees. if​ you find you are too busy to​ do this yourself you may want to​ hire a​ Human Resource consultant to​ do this for you when you need to​ hire.

• Have a​ good understanding of​ wage and hour child labor laws– You will need to​ check with your state’s Department of​ Labor so that you can be sure you are complying with regulations on​ minimum wage and what teenagers are allowed to​ do,​ and when and how long they can work.

• Report tips properly– the​ IRS has a​ form on​ which tips need to​ be reported. For any details you can contact the​ IRS.

• Provide proper training for your employees. if​ an​ employee knows their job,​ they are able to​ perform it​ well. This will make yourself and the​ employee happier,​ and they will be more confident and more productive. an​ ongoing training program builds loyalty and will reduce employee turnover. the​ National Restaurant Association will help you to​ develop training programs for your employees.

• There are things you should know about the​ categories of​ personnel when starting a​ restaurant business. Manager,​ Assistant Manager,​ Cook,​ Chef,​ Server,​ Busboy,​ Dishwasher,​ Host,​ and Bartender,​ will all have their own category. When your restaurant has just opened,​ the​ categories may cross over. You may need your manager to​ double as​ a​ host,​ or​ your servers to​ bus tables,​ until you are able to​ hire a​ full staff. Let employees know from the​ beginning that they may be asked to​ perform these tasks if​ possible. Costs for your entire payroll should come to​ about 24 to​ 35 percent of​ your total sales.

• the​ Manager– This position is​ the​ most important position in​ your restaurant. the​ best choice will be someone who has managed one or​ more restaurants in​ your area and concept. They will be familiar with local supply sources and methods of​ acquiring supplies. Your manager should have good leadership skills and the​ ability to​ effectively supervise personnel. They should remain firm but friendly and fair with the​ employees.

If you want to​ get and keep a​ quality manager,​ you will need to​ pay them a​ good wage. You can expect to​ pay a​ manager with valuable experience $30 to​ $40 thousand a​ year plus a​ bonus. a​ manager who is​ just out of​ school and joining you in​ an​ entry level position will earn $22 to​ $26 thousand a​ year. if​ you offer profit sharing you will find it​ is​ a​ great incentive for employees to​ make your restaurant a​ success.

• Chefs and Cooks– You will normally hire 2 full time and one part time cook. You want the​ best cooks you can find. You might ask them to​ prepare a​ dish as​ a​ part of​ their interview. a​ Chef will command a​ higher salary than a​ cook,​ around $660 to​ $700 a​ week as​ apposed to​ Cooks with plenty of​ experience who will expect $400 to​ $500 a​ week. Part time Cooks can be paid on​ an​ hourly basis,​

• Servers– the​ servers that you hire when starting a​ restaurant business,​ need to​ make a​ good impression and work well under pressure. They are the​ employees who will have the​ most contact with the​ customer,​ and need to​ meet their demands while maintaining a​ pleasant attitude. Servers are usually paid slightly more than minimum wage because they earn most of​ their income from tips. Make sure your servers are friendly with the​ customer and have the​ energy and stamina to​ do the​ job well.

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