What You Need To Know About Web Hosting

Web hosting is​ one of​ those things that everyone has most likely heard about but few people have a​ good handle on the​ specifics of​ the​ process. So you need a​ web host to​ have your own web site or​ page right? But what does that mean?

Well let's talk about it. First the​ basic idea of​ web hosting is​ that a​ web host is​ part of​ a​ system of​ computers that make the​ internet possible. What I mean is​ that these are large computers that have memory enough to​ contain the​ data on web pages for​ everyone to​ access at​ any point in​ time.

If web pages were supported by the​ owner's own computer the​ internet would clearly not be nearly as​ accessible or​ as​ fast. Personal computers just do not have the​ processors to​ handle the​ enormous amounts of​ traffic that a​ web hosting server can support. and​ when a​ person's computer shut down or​ malfunctioned there would be no accessing that page. Also there are a​ lot of​ things on a​ personal computer that you wouldn't want people getting their hands on. Another good reason to​ have a​ separate place for​ your site.

So though it​ may seem infinite there is​ a​ finite amount of​ space (or memory if​ you want to​ think of​ it​ that way) on the​ internet. These computers (or more properly servers) are huge and​ there are more coming online every day and​ so there will never be less than the​ increasing demand. However the​ fact that the​ space is​ finite creates the​ ability for​ these servers to​ put a​ price on the​ space. Generally though this price is​ not prohibitive and​ this is​ somewhat controlled by competition between web hosting companies. One of​ the​ nicer additions to​ the​ industry has be the​ recent addition of​ several new discount web hosting companies.

There are also several services that the​ web hosting companies provide for​ their customers besides simply space to​ hold information. the​ most basic of​ these services is​ that of​ internet connectivity. There must be a​ way for​ a​ person on the​ internet to​ get to​ the​ data that is​ stored in​ a​ server. Therefore addresses located on the​ internet need to​ "point" the​ user to​ the​ information. Internet connectivity takes place through something called a​ data center which is​ provided by the​ web host. it​ is​ important to​ point out here that the​ data center can point traffic to​ other servers not owned by that particular host. So you could own space in​ one host's server and​ receive your connectivity through another host's data center.

Other services include database support and​ application development platforms as​ well as​ web interfaces that allow you to​ manage the​ web server. These services are specially designed for​ different types of​ applications. Basically the​ web hosting company will set up to​ host different types of​ sites so that they can offer specific tools to​ those customers.

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