What You Need To Know About Ezine Advertising

What You Need To Know About Ezine Advertising

By far the​ most effective and​ cost-effective way of​ advertising, especially for​ a​ new business is​ ezine advertising. it​ has 4 distinct advantages…

a.It's easy to​ reach targeted prospects
b.It gives results fast. Typically, you should see results within 72 hours after your ad is​ published.
c.It's easy to​ test your ad effectiveness
d.It's easy to​ calculate your Return on Investment (ROI)

Most direct mail companies charge several hundred dollars per thousand mailing, whereas ezine advertising costs anywhere from five ten dollars to​ fifty dollars per thousand. This is​ definitely much more cost-effective
compare to​ advertising in​ magazines.

Although it​ is​ generally true that response rates to​ ads is​ better with higher subscriber count, there are exceptions where smaller subscriber lists yield higher returns. Because these subscribers are 100 percent opt-ins. Also these ezines in​ mention are highly informative and​ don't have too many ads per publication. the​ chances of​ your ads being read are very high. the​ click through rates will be good if​ your ads are relevant to​
the ezine content.

3 types of​ Ezine Ads

There are basically 3 types of​ Ezine ads namely, Classified ads, Sponsor ads and​ Solo Ads.

1.Classified ads – This is​ the​ cheapest form of​ ezine advertising. Some publications offer free ads in​ exchange for​ your subscription. the​ ads are grouped in​ the​ middle or​ end of​ the​ publication.

2.Sponsor Ads – the​ ads are placed at​ the​ top of​ the​ publication. They cost more than classified ads but more effective than classified ads.

3.Solo Ads – These are mailed out separately from the​ main ezine. This is​ the​ most effective of​ the​ three types of​ ezine ads but also commands a​ premium.

Quick Guide to​ Ezine Advertising

1.Before you placed your ads, check out the​ quality of​ the​ prospective publication. Select three good ezines and​ subscribe to​ them. From the​ publications you would know what kind of​ audience these ezines are targeting, the​ content, and​ the​ number of​ ads per publication, which are crucial to​ your advertising campaign.

Pay close attention to​ the​ ads that run in​ each issue. if​ you see the​ same ad on a​ regular basis, chances are the​ ad is​ profitable for​ the​ advertiser. it​ is​ common sense that advertisers will continue to​ advertise in​ an​ ezine only if​ it​ is​ profitable.

If someone else is​ already promoting a​ similar product like yours in​ a​ particular ezine, give it​ a​ miss. it​ makes no sense to​ have two advertisers competing in​ one ezine. in​ any case, the​ publisher may not permit similar products.

2.Keep your ads short. Normally, the​ publisher will allow 5 to​ 7 lines of​ text with a​ maximum of​ 65 characters per line. Don't sell your product or​ service in​ your ads. Generate interest and​ leads.

3.Write compelling headlines to​ draw readers.

4.Use your ads to​ direct prospects to​ your landing page, which may be a​ sales copy, course sign-up or​ ezine subscription.

5.Track response to​ your ads. This is​ crucial. or​ you will have no idea if​ it​ is​ profitable to​ run the​ same ad again. in​ order to​ test the​ effectiveness of​ your ad, it​ is​ advisable that you run the​ same ad in​ at​ least 3 ezines. if​ you run your ad in​ only one ezine, and​ should campaign flop, you will not know whether the​ problem lies in​ your ad or​ ezine.

Due to​ recent popularity of​ ezine publishing, and​ depending on the​ publication, the​ lead-time can take anywhere from a​ few weeks to​ months. Factor in​ the​ lead-time if​ you have a​ time sensitive offer.

Test your ads with low-subscription ezine that don't have a​ long waiting list. You don't want to​ wait in​ line for​ a​ few months just to​ test out your ad, and​ imagine if​ it​ turned out to​ be a​ bummer. Advertise with low-cost, low subscription count ezines for​ a​ start. Until you have a​ proven winner, keep to​ low-cost, low-subscription ezines.

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