What You Must Know About Italian Language For Your Italian Vacation

What You Must Know About Italian Language For Your Italian Vacation

What you must know about Italian Language for your Italian Vacation
When most people are planning a​ vacation to​ a​ different country,​ language barriers that may exist are a​ big concern .​
Some people even shy away from going to​ a​ foreign country for that very reason even if​ they can afford it .​
Going on​ an​ Italian vacation does not mean you need to​ learn to​ speak Italian first .​
However,​ you will need some basic vocabulary to​ help you get around and make sense of​ signs or​ even to​ ask for help or​ directions.
If the​ person you ask for help does not speak English at​ least they may be able to​ point you in​ the​ right direction if​ you can say bus stop in​ Italian .​
Another reason to​ learn some of​ the​ language is​ to​ enhance your experience .​
The words you know before you leave for your Italian vacation will serve as​ a​ basis for you to​ learn more words when you get there and expand your vocabulary.
Italian is​ considered a​ Romance Language because it​ is​ derived from Latin .​
It is​ said to​ be one of​ the​ closest to​ Latin and uses the​ Latin alphabet .​
Italian language is​ characterized by the​ stressing of​ certain syllables .​
There are formal ways to​ say things and informal versions .​
For your needs when traveling,​ the​ informal versions would probably be most appropriate.
One of​ the​ most important reasons to​ learn a​ few Italian words is​ if​ you plan on​ using public transportation .​
Many guides,​ taxi drivers and hotel employees are fluent in​ English and most speak at​ least some English .​
But there are a​ few scenarios where you may need specific words during your Italian vacation .​
There are some basic words that you need to​ know .​
These are all the​ informal versions .​
Most people are familiar with the​ Italian word for Yes .​
It is​ Si .​
No is​ simply No .​
If you need to​ say Hello it​ is​ Ciao .​
The word Ciao can also be used for Goodbye .​
How are you? is​ Come stai?
During your Italian vacation,​ everyone will agree that you need to​ know how to​ greet .​
Italians are very friendly people and to​ immerse yourself in​ the​ culture you must be able to​ respond when you are greeted or​ offer a​ greeting first .​
Good morning is​ Buon giorno! Good afternoon is​ Buona sera! Good evening is​ Buona sera! Good night is​ Buona notte! And that is​ in​ reference to​ sleeping well .​
For your Italian vacation it​ is​ important to​ learn how to​ say please and thank you These are Per favore and Grazie! Italian words that you will need to​ help you get directions include Where...? which is​ Dove...? This is​ a​ great word to​ know because it​ will help you make all kinds of​ sentences such as​ dove la toeletta? Where is​ the​ bathroom?
If you plan on​ using public transportation at​ the​ very least make sure you carry around with you a​ card with words for left,​ right,​ north,​ south,​ east,​ west,​ bus stop,​ train etc .​
Or if​ you can,​ carry along an​ Italian dictionary .​
That will also be a​ big help on​ your Italian vacation.

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