What You May Find At Mini Storage Auctions

What You May Find At Mini Storage Auctions

What You May Find at​ Mini Storage Auctions
Do you want to​ start making money with mini storage auctions? if​ so, you may be curious as​ to​ how the​ whole process works .​

When looking to​ profit from mini storage auctions, you place a​ bid .​
as​ for​ what you are bidding on, it​ depends .​
You may bid on a​ sealed storage bin or​ a​ whole storage unit .​
Different companies host different types of​ auctions .​
To profit, you take the​ items you bought and​ resell them .​
Since you are, essentially making a​ wholesale purchase and​ paying one fee for​ many items, there is​ the​ potential to​ make money.
One common question asked is​ how much money can I​ make? It does depend on how much you spend at​ a​ mini storage auction .​
the​ less money you spend, the​ more you can make .​
It also depends on your resale methods, as​ some are more successful than others .​
Many use Craigslist.org, flea markets, and​ yard sales to​ sell locally .​
as​ for​ selling online, many use eBay.com .​
What you buy can also impact your profits, as​ some items are more valuable than others are.
Since what you buy at​ a​ mini storage auction may have an​ impact on your profits, you may be wondering what is​ available for​ sale .​
It depends .​
People use mini storage units for​ a​ wide range of​ purposes .​
Some use them when consolidating two homes into one .​
Others use them to​ store household items when they relocate to​ a​ smaller place .​
Storage units are also used to​ house items that people no longer need, but still want to​ hold onto, such as​ family heirlooms or​ financial documents.
Despite the​ possibility of​ a​ variance, depending on the​ storage unit in​ question, there are some items you are likely to​ find at​ a​ mini storage auction.
Furniture .​
Furniture is​ nice because it​ is​ easy to​ spot .​
Unfortunately, you don’t always get to​ see or​ inspect merchandise up for​ bid, but furniture can be seen from far away .​
Look for​ furniture that is​ antique in​ nature, as​ it​ worth more .​
With that said, furniture is​ something that people need; therefore, it​ can be resold for​ a​ profit.
Home décor .​
Home décor often makes it​ way to​ mini storage units .​
Some homeowners change their décor on a​ yearly basis, but may not want to​ part with their old pictures and​ paintings .​
Home décor can be antique or​ cheap, but it​ will always resell .​

Home appliances .​
Home appliances, such as​ microwaves, dishwashers, blenders, and​ toasters can be found at​ mini storage auctions .​
as​ with the​ above mentioned items, these are considered great .​
Everyone needs these items in​ their homes .​
This means that they will resell, especially at​ a​ yard sale .​

Children’s items .​
It is​ common to​ find kid’s clothes, books, and​ toys in​ a​ storage unit and​ at​ an​ auction .​
This is​ because these are items that kids outgrow .​
as​ for​ why they are saved, some parents just don’t want to​ part with these items .​
Many hold onto them just in​ case they decide to​ have another child .​
Yard sale and​ eBay are popular resell markets for​ kid’s toys, movies, books, and​ clothes.
The above mentioned items are just a​ few of​ the​ many that you may find at​ a​ mini storage auction .​
In fact, you can find just about anything ranging from antiques to​ jewelry to​ clothes to​ family photographs .​
the​ key is​ buying merchandise that you can resell for​ a​ profit.

What You May Find At Mini Storage Auctions

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