What You Can Do If It Rains During Your Disney World Vacation

What You Can Do If It Rains During Your Disney World Vacation

You've been looking forward to​ your Disney World vacation for months. You've packed your bags,​ bought your plant ticket or​ hopped in​ the​ car,​ checked into your hotel room,​ and are just about to​ go out and explore Disney World Park. Then... it​ gets cloudy overhead and starts to​ rain. Uh-oh,​ your day's ruined... or​ is​ it?

Here are some activities you can do at​ Disney World,​ even if​ Mother Nature is​ uncooperative:

- You can go to​ other attractions that take place indoors. For example,​ you can watch the​ Lion King or​ the​ Little Mermaid show,​ go on​ the​ Animation Tour,​ visit the​ Tower of​ Terror,​ or​ go see Pirates of​ the​ Carribbean or​ Dinosaur.

- You can still explore a​ park. the​ best ones to​ go to​ on​ a​ rainy day are Magic Kingdom,​ MGM,​ and Epcot Futureworld. a​ lot of​ attractions at​ these parks are close together under cover.

- You can watch a​ movie at​ AMC Theater Complex 24 at​ Downtown Disney's West Side. You're sure to​ find something you'll be interested in.

- You can hop on​ the​ monorail and take a​ tour of​ the​ resorts and what they have. Just ask to​ ride in​ the​ driver's cabin and enjoy exploring the​ Polynesian,​ Contemporary,​ and Grand Floridian resorts.

- You can also take the​ free tour at​ the​ Grand Floridian resort or​ the​ Wilderness Lodge.

- if​ it​ starts raining on​ you while you're walking along the​ Boardwalk,​ scoot inside one of​ the​ restaurants or​ clubs nearby. You'll find family and luxury dining,​ sports bars,​ and a​ piano bar,​ among other things.

- Race a​ car,​ go golfing or​ skiing,​ or​ try other video simulator games and activities courtesy of​ the​ ESPN Club. You can also visit video arcades inside the​ Disney World resorts.

- Create your own roller coaster ride at​ DisneyQuest. This interactive theme park is​ an​ indoor,​ weather-protected attraction at​ Downtown Disney's West Side. You'll find great family entertainment here with games,​ simulators,​ high-tech rides,​ and virtual reality activities.

- You can also enjoy activities on​ a​ rainy night! Hop on​ over to​ Downtown Disney's Pleasure Island and enjoy one of​ their themed nightclubs,​ or​ treat yourself to​ a​ House of​ Blues concert at​ Downtown Disney's West Side.

You might also be able to​ catch some fireworks at​ Magic Kingdom or​ the​ Epcot Center. They won't be canceled due to​ rain,​ and with more people choosing to​ call it​ a​ night or​ head inside,​ you can find a​ good vantage point.

- of​ course,​ you can always choose to​ brave the​ weather and go to​ Disney World Park anyway! Others will leave the​ park,​ which means shorter lines for you. So buy yourself a​ poncho,​ and have an​ extra pair of​ socks and shoes handy in​ case you need them,​ and take advantage of​ an​ emptier park.

Don't let rainy weather stop you from having a​ ball at​ Walt Disney World. as​ long as​ you have a​ backup plan,​ you won't skip a​ beat. Always keep an​ eye out for other activities you can do,​ and you'll have a​ vacation you'll never forget.

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