What Women Think When Are Reading Your Online Profiles

What Women Think When Are Reading Your Online Profiles

The biggest "quality" of​ men is​ their commodity,
am I right? And when they are online they want to​
relax and are forgetting to​ be efficient. They
only want to​ stay there, in​ front of​ the computer
and wait for women to​ make the first step. Even
worse, they don’t bother to​ completely fill their
profiles or​ just spill out a​ few words. Are you
one of​ these types?

So let’s see what women believe when they are
reading your online profile. The frequent
sentences what you can find in​ men’s profiles are:

-"Just contact me and you won’t regret." and now
what she thinks when she’s reading this: "What???

-"I am the best and I am waiting for you." she
thinks "Yeah sure, next!"

-"Who wants to​ know more about me just ask." or​ "
If you want me just try your chance." she thinks "
Why I would like to​ know more about you? You are
nobody to​ me." The problem is​ that you are not
giving her any reason, any impulse to​ contact YOU.

She is​ browsing profiles, why should she stop
from doing that? - "You will find more about me
later." she is​ thinking "Really? Just wait for me!

The key of​ attracting attention to​ a​ woman is​ to​
talk about her. You can do this from the very
beginning by making a​ profile that is​ addressed
to HER.

So be specific saying what you are really looking
for. Say the things that are most important for
you, the area where you would like to​ live with
your next girlfriend, the age etc. Writing
something like: "I am a​ serious guy, looking for
a blond haired woman, living in​ Pennsylvania,
aged 30 - 42 years. I love children so it​ doesn’t
bother me if​ you are a​ mother." you will make all
the difference. All women that accomplish these
criteria will stop browsing another profiles
thinking: "Wow, he is​ looking for me. I am the
best for him". You can say something about you
too, but something positive and interesting.
Something that would make her STOP searching. "I
want three things in​ my life: to​ love, to​ be
loved and a​ real family." Keep in​ mind that it​ is​
more important what you are looking for than who
you are. it​ is​ sad but true (excepting if​ you are
a doomy, alcoholic, unclean, crazy guy).

So, improve your profile today if​ you want a​ full
of messages inbox, tomorrow!

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