What Will Disney World Weather Be Like On Your Vacation

What Will Disney World Weather Be Like On Your Vacation

Are you planning a​ Disney World vacation but need to​ get an​ idea of​ what the​ weather will be like when you go? Be prepared for what Mother Nature might throw at​ you. in​ this article,​ you'll have handy the​ average daily low and high temperatures (Fahrenheit),​ average daily humidity percentage,​ and the​ typical number of​ rainy days for each month of​ the​ year.

In January,​ the​ average low is​ 50 degrees and the​ average high is​ 72. the​ humidity average falls at​ 72.5%,​ and the​ number of​ rainy days this month typically gets is​ 6.

For February,​ the​ average low and high is​ 51 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit,​ respectively. the​ daily humidity averages at​ 70.5% and February gets approximately 7 days of​ rain.

In the​ month of​ March,​ the​ average daily low will hit 56 degrees and the​ high will hit 79. the​ daily humidity average is​ relatively low for Disney World/Orland -- 69.5%. the​ number of​ rainy March days is​ 8.

As for April,​ you'll be asleep in​ 60 degree temperature,​ and you'll find yourself engaging in​ activities with 79 degree weather outside. This month also has the​ lowest average daily humidity of​ the​ year at​ 67.5%,​ and the​ rainy days average out at​ 6.

In May,​ expect to​ enjoy a​ daily low average of​ 66,​ but this month things start to​ really heat up -- the​ average daily high jumps to​ 83 degrees. You'll experience the​ daily humidity average at​ 68.5%,​ and it​ typically rains 9 days out of​ the​ month.

For June,​ you'll sleep in​ 71 degree weather on​ average but wake up to​ temperatures trying to​ reach 91 degrees. the​ average daily humidity is​ 73.5%,​ and the​ rainy days jump up to​ 14.

As for July,​ the​ average low and high daily temperatures are 73 and 92,​ respectively. Humidity averages out at​ 75%,​ and 17 days out of​ the​ month rain may hinder your plans.

The situation doesn't improve in​ August. the​ average high and low is​ still stuck at​ 92 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit,​ the​ humidity ticks up a​ bit at​ 76.5% on​ average,​ and it​ rains 16 days out of​ the​ month.

For the​ month of​ September,​ the​ average high and low falls at​ 90 and 72 degrees,​ the​ average daily humidity reads 76%,​ and it'll rain on​ your parade approximately 14 days out of​ the​ month.

The month of​ October finally sees some improvement. the​ average high and low drop down to​ 85 abd 65 degrees,​ and the​ humidity percentage falls a​ couple of​ percentage points to​ 73.5%. in​ addition,​ the​ number of​ rainy days re-enters the​ single digits at​ 9.

As for November,​ you'll sleep to​ a​ 59 degree average temperature,​ and enjoy your vacation experience in​ a​ balmy 79 degrees. the​ high humidity sticks around at​ 73%,​ and the​ rainy days drop down even further to​ 6.

Finally,​ in​ the​ month of​ December,​ you can explore the​ park at​ a​ comfortable 73 degrees and call it​ a​ night with temperatures dropping down to​ 53. the​ humidity level and the​ number of​ rainy days stay pretty steady at​ 73.5% and 6,​ respectively.

Just like you wouldn't get in​ your car to​ go to​ work without looking at​ (or listening to) the​ traffic or​ weather report,​ you shouldn't be ignorant about the​ typical weather conditions at​ Disney World,​ or​ any vacation destination. Now that you know what to​ expect,​ you can plan accordingly. Good luck and have a​ great time!

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