What Type Of Asset Labels Do I Need To Buy For My School Office Company Or College

What Type Of Asset Labels Do I Need To Buy For My School Office Company
Or College

What type of​ asset labels do I​ need to​ buy for my school, office, company or​ college?
Asset Label Types
We have split asset labels into different categories and will explain their strengths and suitability and their applications .​
1) Permanent frangible vinyl asset labels
2) Silver Voiding asset labels
1) Permanent Frangible Vinyl Asset Label
This label is​ suitable for most applications .​
These labels are much higher quality asset labels than the paper version and are more common in​ the field .​
The label material will conform to​ the majority of​ surfaces and forms a​ high-strength bond .​
This material has excellent initial grab and quite often (after initial application) will provide a​ good adhesion to​ many surfaces (when clean) .​
The maximum strength of​ this label is​ attained within a​ 4 hour + period where the glue on the label hardens and makes the label impossible to​ remove in​ one piece
This is​ good for marking workstations, casings, monitors and smaller items .​
The grain on the computer plastics can be tricky to​ adhere to​ with certain asset labels, but the vinyl labels are very effective for this application .​
The material is​ also suited to​ varnished and smooth surfaces .​
These labels can be personalized with Code 39 barcodes, serial numbers and often with the logo printed too .​
Some companies offer further protection with a​ hologram label included to​ prevent counterfeiting .​
The vinyl labels are usually supplied on reels and most companies offer a​ turnaround within 33 to​ 5 days however some companies offer 24hr / next day service .​
These are great for Hospitals, Schools, IT Department & Offices as​ when the adhesive sets it​ becomes very strong prevents people or​ children removing the labels in​ one piece .​
This vinyl asset label material is​ suitable in​ many different applications such as:-
PC & IT Equipment, Monitors and LCD displays, Laptop Computers, Keyboards, Mice, Mobile Equipment including PDA's, Networking Equipment, Fileservers, Hard Drives, Printed Circuit Boards, Painted Metal Surfaces, Wood, Plastics, Glass, Metals, Paper Surfaces, etc .​
2) Silver Voiding Asset Label
This substrate is​ used primarily in​ situations where tampering needs to​ be revealed .​
The construction of​ the material utilises a​ two stage adhesive .​
The label will grab very well and on any attempt of​ removal, will leave the words VOID on the label and on the material it​ is​ stuck to .​
Even if​ you try to​ replace the label by sticking it​ down in​ the same position it​ is​ still apparent that tampering has taken effect .​
This material is​ used in​ many different applications such as:-
Covering Memory & Expansion covers on IT Equipment, Sealing Paper, Card & Plastic surfaces, Calibration Seals, Sealing Postage Bags, Medicine Boxes and Cartons, Electronic Enclosure Boxes, HiFi & Stereo Units, Computer Cases, Mobile Telephones, PDA's, Sealing Doors, NHS & Medical Equipment, Oscilloscopes, etc.

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