What To Write About

What To Write About

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This is​ a​ perennial question among writers and wannabe’s.
Many of​ us dream of​ writing a​ book. Why not. What
greater story cans one write about than one's own. Each
day brings a​ new beginning, a​ new page in​ the book of​ life.

What can you write about?

Someone said everyone has a​ story. How true. Each day
that pass by, is​ a​ page in​ your book of​ life Where to​ start?
From the very depths of​ your soul, from your heart.What
stirs you? What excites you?What challenges you? What
frustrates you? What makes you happy?

Are you having the so-called writer’s block? All blocks
can be readily removed, dealt with and best of​ all, replaced
with determination .Just sit down and start writing. Think
of a​ word, write about that word and keep writing. Simplistic?
Not really. a​ word can get your fingers flying on the
keyboard, or​ if​ you believe in​ paper and pen, go ahead
and let your thoughts flow out from the tip of​ your pen
to that precious paper.

Develop the habit of​ writing everyday, yes, everyday.
Write something and you’d be amazed at​ the database
of ideas stored in​ your brain waiting to​ be discovered.
You do not have to​ write about a​ new idea, a​ new concept,
a new theory. Think of​ a​ fresh approach, a​ different angle,
a different perspective.

Think of​ this: You go on a​ nature hike with four of​ your
friends. You take the same route, see the same scenery,
under the same canopy of​ foliage and sky and step on
the same terrain, hike under the same weather conditions.

After the hike, surely there will be five different versions of​
the experience or​ adventure. You go home and describe the
day’s hike to​ family and friends, each one will have different
picture of​ the scenery, of​ the hikers and their experience. if​
this day was captured and frozen in​ time with your camera,
each pair of​ eyes that looks at​ the picture will have different
perspective of​ each picture. Each one will see different features
that attracts their attention.

Life within you, life around you, people in​ your world,
your hobbies, your dreams, your adventures. The list goes
on. There is​ always an​ angle waiting to​ be discovered, an​
idea eager to​ be interpreted, to​ be written and shared
with the world.
So, what’s holding you back? What is​ important is​ to​
just sit down and start writing. Tap into that deep reserve
of knowledge that lies deep within. Swim in​ the river
of experience, enjoy the swim as​ you get in​ deeper, your
strokes stronger and more confident.

Don’t put it​ off for another day. Surprise yourself.
The world awaits to​ hear from you.


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