What To See And Do On Your Florida Vacation

What To See And Do On Your Florida Vacation

Ask any one about their Florida vacation and their answer is​ sure to​ be,​ “So much to​ do,​ so little time.” No matter how many days you plan to​ stay in​ Florida,​ it’s never enough to​ take in​ the​ many attractions this exciting city offers.

Here are just a​ few of​ the​ top things to​ see and do for families vacationing in​ Florida.

Magic Kingdom Theme Park

The original Disney theme park,​ Magic Kingdom is​ classic Disney. With carousels,​ a​ Dumbo tea-cup ride,​ Peter Pan and Winnie the​ Pooh,​ this park is​ top of​ the​ list for younger kids. Older kids have their share of​ the​ fun with the​ three mountain roller coasters- Splash,​ Space and big Thunder,​ the​ Haunted Mountain and lots more.

Universal's Islands of​ Adventure

Teens and ‘tweens who love to​ scream would absolutely love Universal’s Islands of​ Adventure theme park. Hair-raising roller coasters including the​ Hulk and Dueling Dragon coaster provide plenty to​ scream about. Not a​ coaster,​ but equally thrilling is​ the​ Spiderman “ride”,​ a​ 3-D simulator with an​ additional 4th dimension of​ surprise sensations.

Wild Waters

Wild Waters offers the​ family plenty of​ opportunities to​ soak up the​ sun,​ cool off in​ the​ refreshing waters,​ ride the​ surf in​ a​ 450,​000 gallon wave pool or​ hit the​ twists and turns of​ the​ many water slides including the​ Mini Monster,​ Bunyan’s Bend or​ Osceola’s Revenge. the​ more daring could tackle the​ 220 foot-long Silver Bullet speed fumes for the​ three-storey high Hurricane. There are lots of​ shallow pools for the​ younger kids too.

Amazing Exotics

Amazing Exotics offers a​ unique experience for the​ whole family. This 85-acre exotic animal compound is​ home to​ more than 200 rare and endangered species from big cats to​ primates. Amazing exotics is​ not really a​ zoo but a​ place where visitors can learn in​ a​ hands-on environment.

Orlando Science Center

The 207,​000 square-foot Orland Science Center is​ a​ hands-on learning center that offers plenty of​ interactive activities for all ages.

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