What To Pack For College Part One

What To Pack For College Part One

The excitement of​ college can be overwhelming, but there is​ also work to​ be done. if​ you’re headed to​ a​ college far away from home, knowing what to​ pack for college will give you a​ sense of​ peace as​ you put miles between you and your parents. So here is​ your first college class in​ how to​ pack for college.

Realizing that your room will not be as​ big as​ living at​ home can help you determine what to​ pack for college. You will also want to​ contact your roommates to​ see what they will be bringing. Much of​ the time, you’ll find that you won’t need to​ buy that mini-fridge or​ a​ television because someone else already has one. You also may want to​ consider bringing smaller versions of​ necessities. For example, for a​ more neat and organized living area, you may find that a​ laptop computer is​ easier to​ store than a​ desktop.

Other items that you may find useful to​ put on your list of​ what to​ pack for college should include shower necessities. as​ you will probably be sharing shower space with others, you will want to​ bring a​ pair of​ flip flop sandals and something to​ tote your toiletries in. The sandals will help you to​ avoid any bacteria on the shower floors. Although not everyone gets athlete’s foot, the chances go way up with all of​ the people who are sharing.

In terms of​ school supplies and what to​ pack for college, you want to​ make sure that you have a​ few calendars to​ keep track of​ deadlines, a​ box of​ pens and pencils, computer paper and printer cartridges (if you bring a​ printer), as​ well as​ extra notebooks and highlighters. Having everything that you could need will save you trips to​ the campus bookstore as​ well as​ get you started on the right foot to​ an​ organized living space that holds everything that you might need at​ the last minute.

When you’re deciding how to​ pack for college, you want to​ keep in​ mind that you won’t have mom or​ dad to​ remind you of​ things or​ to​ wake you up, so you will need to​ figure out how to​ do this for yourself. This can mean an​ alarm clock to​ a​ daily calendar of​ assignments. What you may find useful is​ a​ dry erase board that you and your roommate can share in​ order to​ remind each other of​ things. Having someone else watching out for you will help ease you into this new independent lifestyle.

In terms of​ clothing choices in​ what to​ pack for college, the climate will play a​ large role. You may want to​ consider bringing a​ jacket for colder days, but only bring a​ winter coat when you need it. Actually, for all of​ your clothing, here are some tips on how to​ pack for college. First, you may be able to​ rotate your clothing as​ you return home for visits. if​ you’re going abroad or​ far enough away that you won’t be visiting home much, then you can have your parents or​ relatives send you clothing as​ you need it. Or, you can bring a​ layer of​ thermal underwear to​ put underneath clothes if​ the weather should suddenly become chilly.

Once you’ve gathered the clothing that you want to​ bring and figured out what to​ pack for college, how to​ pack for college closets becomes the next issue. You want to​ start off your college life with an​ organized living space that allows you and your roommate space. You may want to​ invest in​ some creative hangers that allow you to​ hang more than one item at​ a​ time (Non-Slip 5-Tier Slack Rack, Belt/Scarf Hanger) or​ hang your clothes on the doors (Over the Door Hanger). There are many different kinds of​ hangers and storage accessories that can keep your clothes looking clean and neat, even when they barely fit into the closet. You really can make the most of​ a​ little space with a​ little planning and a​ little more creativity.

Although this isn’t an​ inclusive list of​ what to​ pack for college, you are certainly on the right track to​ making your own list of​ things that you want to​ bring. The key to​ this smaller, on-your-own space is​ to​ create an​ organized living space from the beginning. Your roommate will appreciate it​ too when he or​ she can find her books when running out to​ class instead of​ hunting through piles of​ clothes.

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