What To Look For When Buying A Mattress

What To Look For When Buying A Mattress

You Could Be Ready for a​ New Sleep Set If...

You don't sleep well.
Your back aches.
You feel tired in​ the morning.
Your muscles hurt.
You feel drained and lack energy due to​ improper rest.
You and your mate have no room to​ move on your "baby-size" mattress (Full size mattresses force
a couple to​ sleep in​ an​ area no wider than a​ baby crib!).

And You Should Get a​ New Sleep Set If...

Your Mattress is​ lumpy and uneven.
Your Mattress or​ edges sag.
Your foundation appears uneven or​ sagging.
Your mattress cover is​ torn, stained or​ soiled.
You're embarrassed to​ show your uncovered bed to​ your neighbors.

Compare Leading Brands. Look For Real Value.

Basic economics tells us value is​ not the cheapest price...it is​ how many features and benefits you receive for the price. Higher prices usually mean more features and benefits, which mean better support and comfort for you. So invest in​ yourself. Buy the best quality sleep set your budget will allow. You deserve the best!

Why a​ Premium Quality Sleep System is​ Your Best Investment

When you look for a​ new sleep set, remember it's what you can't see that counts. "On sale" specials may look like bargains, but how well do they support you...and how long will they last? a​ quality sleep set is​ designed and engineered to​ provide you with proper support and comfort for years and years. High quality beds are a​ better investment, because it​ will cost you less to​ sleep on per night than an​ ordinary a​ bargain "special".

Why Buy a​ System?

Your boxspring foundation absorbs about 40% of​ the wear and tear on your sleep set. Only a​ total sleep system assures proper, healthful support. Get the set!

Which Size For You?

Remember...you spend one third of​ your life in​ bed. More individual sleeping surface means a​ better night's rest.

What is​ an​ affordable price?
An average person spends 1/3 of​ his or​ her entire life in​ their bed. What this means is​ that you should purchase a​ mattresses with the absolute best quality possible. a​ mattress is​ your most important investment. This does not mean that the most expensive bed is​ the best one to​ buy. The mattress industry is​ known for the enormous amount of​ money added to​ the wholesale cost of​ the bed. if​ you are looking at​ a​ bed made by any of​ the major "S" brands, chances are you aren't getting the best deal due to​ the 200 million plus dollars spent in​ advertising by each of​ these companies.

What To Look For When Buying A Mattress

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