What To Look For When Buying A Log Splitter

What To Look For When Buying A Log Splitter

What To Look For When Buying a​ Log Splitter
Ready to​ fill that firewood rack? You could go out there with the mallet and wedge and split those logs by hand .​
After all, doesn’t the old saying about cutting your own fire wood warming you twice ring true? If you would rather be warmed by burning the wood instead of​ the exertion of​ cutting it, then a​ log splitter is​ a​ tool that should be at​ the top of​ your list.
How Many Tons?
Ton size is​ a​ question that is​ two fold .​
Log splitters are measured in​ ton capacity .​
a​ professional grade splitter is​ at​ least 20 tons, and those for home and personal use generally are in​ the 2-5 ton range .​
This also determines the horsepower of​ the engine .​
a​ much stronger engine is​ needed in​ order to​ not burn out after hundreds of​ logs.
The first question then to​ address is​ will your log splitter be used for personal firewood consumption or​ furniture making, or​ are you splitting logs for commercial building or​ firewood sales .​
That will determine the horsepower and ton size you need.
What Else Can I​ Do With a​ Log Splitter?
A log splitter makes the job of​ splitting firewood easier .​
That’s quite obvious .​
But log splitters have more uses than just getting firewood ready.
Forestry suppliers for example will use the log splitter as​ the first step into making wood planking or​ even getting logs ready for paper making .​
This kind of​ logging equipment can be used right at​ the forest site to​ manage trees for transport and prepare the wood for specific end uses .​
Following log splitter plans, this on site step is​ an​ important time saver – which translates into monetary savings, of​ course.
So other than stocking your firewood rack, a​ hydraulic log splitter can become an​ important log furniture tool .​
There is​ a​ high demand for the rustic look of​ cabin furnishings and back-to-nature décor.
Log splitters, even a​ used log splitter can range in​ price from a​ few hundred dollars to​ several thousands of​ dollars .​
So the next determination is​ how valuable is​ your time? If you can split 10 logs an​ hour the old fashioned way and your time at​ your day job is​ paid at​ a​ rate of​ $50 per hour, you have just hired yourself a​ very well paid log splitter! On the other hand, a​ hydraulic log splitter in​ the 4 ton range is​ capable of​ splitting ten times the number of​ logs per hour .​
Now that’s what I’d call cheap help!
Then there is​ the issue of​ safety .​
The self lubricating and maintaining capabilities of​ these log splitters keep them operating safely .​
An axe needs regular sharpening as​ it​ can get dull hitting the dirt, or​ get dangerously close to​ hitting legs!
What it​ all comes down to​ it​ that safety, time, and convenience are all worth more than a​ stoic attempt to​ warm yourself the old fashioned way .​
Even the average homeowner who lights a​ fire in​ the fireplace for aesthetics more than heat, will benefit from quickly stocking the wood pile using a​ gas powered hydraulic log splitter.

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