What To Expect From An Online Auto Auction

What To Expect From An Online Auto Auction

How many types of​ online auto auctions are there? What is​ the​ scam risk with online auto auctions? Are there vehicle reports where to​ check the​ history of​ a​ car for​ sale at​ an​ online auto auction? These are but a​ few of​ the​ questions that are most frequently asked when you want to​ buy a​ car online.

There are free online auto auctions, where you can bid and​ have the​ car checked once the​ auction is​ over. Web sites specialized in​ car auctions are just intermediaries, if​ your bid wins, it​ is​ between the​ two parties involved to​ close the​ deal and​ write the​ contract. Usually, you can examine the​ car in​ daylight before purchase.

Then there are the​ salvaged cars online auto auctions, where you can buy reconditioned cars that have been recuperated from a​ flood, a​ car crash or​ a​ fire. Very often, behind such cars lie big scams, that you'd better do some research before going to​ a​ car auction.

First you should be suspicious when the​ price of​ the​ car is​ too low, and​ when you can track no precise history record. So, when you go to​ an​ online auto auction make sure you buy the​ car below the​ fair market value, otherwise you'd better go and​ buy it​ from the​ seller directly.

Try not to​ get caught into a​ bidding war, because in​ case you win it, you will have to​ pay the​ winner's premium, as​ most online auto auction sites require. That is, you will pay a​ specific percent of​ the​ total bid to​ the​ auction site, which can be quite a​ sum, in​ case it's 10% or​ your bid for​ instance.

Car rental agencies also try to​ sell at​ online auto auctions; however these cars are a​ lot better maintained than the​ salvaged cars. Usually car rental agencies use them for​ a​ year or​ two, and​ then try to​ take them out of​ service. Some of​ these cars still have warranties in​ affect, so it's better for​ you to​ check who you are buying a​ car from.

Researching for​ some history records of​ the​ car you want to​ purchase would save you a​ lot of​ trouble. Before getting at​ an​ online auto auction, check on details on the​ car you want to​ bid on. it​ doesn't matter where you are from, state or​ country, you can easily be the​ victim of​ a​ scam.

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