What To Do With A Large Kitchen

What To Do With A Large Kitchen

Everyone loves a​ big kitchen. There’s lots of​ room for more than one cook, and enough space for informal dining. However, a​ large kitchen can sometimes feel cold and uninviting. By following certain guidelines, you can have a​ warm and cozy kitchen no matter the size.

First, consider the scale of​ your furniture when decorating a​ large kitchen. You’ll want a​ substantial table with comfortable seating rather than a​ small café table. The kitchen is​ also a​ great place to​ show off your collectibles. Add a​ baker’s rack, wine rack, lighted glass hutch or​ other storage/display pieces. Obviously, you’ll want some sort of​ shelving or​ cabinet space for your cookbooks, pottery, display dishes, or​ even for collections that have nothing to​ do with kitchens and cooking.

Next, see if​ the kitchen can accommodate an​ island — either a​ small portable butcher block work station or​ a​ fixed island with workspace, an​ extra sink, and bar stool seating that makes it​ a​ great place for a​ quick breakfast or​ after school snack.

Most important, good lighting is​ vital in​ the kitchen, especially for preparing and cooking food. if​ you have a​ large kitchen, buy large lighting fixtures and add plenty of​ recessed lighting, including lighting under the cabinets.

Make the kitchen inviting to​ the eye by adding potted plants (silk or​ real) and/or decorative pieces, such as​ urns, wall hangings, and some architectural pieces to​ match your décor. Also think about turning one wall into a​ gallery for the kids’ photos and crayoned art work.

Some kitchens have a​ fireplace, making the room instantly warm and friendly. Even without one, you can turn that large kitchen into a​ homey, welcoming space.

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