What To Bring For Adventure Sailing Vacation

What To Bring For Adventure Sailing Vacation

What To Bring For Adventure Sailing Vacation
When you book an​ adventure sailing vacation package,​ you don’t have to​ worry about food when this is​ usually part of​ the​ package .​
This means you only have to​ bring your own personal stuff with you on​ board so for those who have never done this before,​ here is​ what you should bring for adventure sailing .​
Given that you will be at​ sea quite awhile,​ you should pack a​ lot of​ casual gear which simply means lightweight clothing with long sleeves so you avoid getting sunburn during the​ day .​
It will also be a​ good idea to​ have a​ wide brimmed hat and a​ pair of​ sunglasses to​ protect your face.
If you want to​ lounge around on​ deck,​ you better have a​ beach towel with you as​ well as​ sun block .​
Since the​ weather could get cold at​ night,​ you should also have a​ light jacket .​
Charters usually make port stops before heading home so don’t forget to​ bring along a​ light pair of​ shoes or​ sandals so you can do so some sightseeing in​ the​ island .​
It will be good to​ have some insect repellant with you so don’t get bitten by mosquitoes and other insects .​
If you are under medication,​ don’t forget to​ bring it​ with you .​
Given that you will be a​ way for some time,​ make sure you have your toiletries so you can shave and brush your teeth .​
The most important thing to​ bring with you when you go adventure sailing is​ a​ camera .​
This will allow you to​ take pictures so you can share this with family and friends when you get home .​
For those who want to​ go swimming,​ don’t forget your bathing suit so you can jump in​ anytime into the​ water especially when you just want to​ cool off .​
If there is​ some space in​ your bag,​ perhaps you can also pack in​ some snorkeling gear as​ some will rent this to​ you for a​ fee .​
All of​ this should be placed in​ a​ 10 kilogram bag which is​ preferably collapsible because of​ the​ limited storage space on​ board most ships .​
This will also allow other passengers to​ stow their gear .​
You don’t have to​ bring your cellular phone with you because in​ the​ event that something should happen on​ board,​ they have a​ satellite phone and a​ radio so rescue can be called in​ .​
You also don’t need to​ bring a​ first aid kit since this is​ also available on​ the​ ship .​
If you are bored relaxing on​ board the​ chartered ship,​ you can volunteer and help the​ crew with sailing like hauling the​ main sail in​ the​ morning,​ trimming the​ sails or​ steering a​ course during the​ day .​
With that,​ you won’t feel guilty having done nothing when you decided to​ go on​ a​ vacation .​
Another way to​ help out is​ to​ catch some fish which the​ crew can serve as​ lunch or​ dinner even if​ the​ ship has already been stocked with food for the​ entire trip .​
You can bring your own rod or​ check if​ they have some on​ board that you can borrow .​
Now that you know what to​ bring for adventure sailing vacation,​ the​ only thing you have to​ do now is​ book the​ trip .​
You can do this through your travel agent or​ online .​

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