What Makes Popular Tv Shows So Watchable

What Makes Popular TV Shows So Watchable?
Millions of​ people around the​ world got hooked on a​ television series a​ few years ago .​
They watched as​ a​ plane crashed on a​ seemingly deserted island and​ the​ survivors struggled to​ continue their lives as​ hope of​ rescue started to​ dwindle.
Some time later millions more people got caught up in​ the​ story of​ a​ diverse group of​ people who woke one day to​ find they had special powers .​
As their paths started to​ cross, so they realized they were being brought together for​ a​ reason.
The popular TV shows Lost and​ Heroes have captured the​ imaginations of​ millions of​ people .​
But what is​ it​ exactly that makes these popular tv shows so irresistible? Read on to​ find out more.
Suspending Disbelief
All the​ popular tv shows that have ever been made have one thing in​ common .​
They enable us to​ leave the​ reality of​ our everyday lives and​ join a​ world which is​ larger than life, and​ irresistible to​ enter once a​ week.
Lost has enjoyed three seasons so far, and​ is​ set to​ run for​ several more .​
At the​ beginning no one could see how it​ could possibly run for​ more than one season, but as​ the​ story has unfolded and​ the​ island has presented more questions than answers, it’s easy to​ see why the​ show stays so fresh.
It didn’t seem possible that any series could eclipse the​ success of​ Lost, but it​ seems that Heroes has done just that .​
Heroes talks about normal people having extraordinary beliefs and​ this seem to​ intrigue most people .​
These two popular tv shows have shown that in​ our modern world of​ internet access and​ console games, popular tv shows still have the​ power to​ glue us to​ that box in​ the​ corner of​ the​ room.
It’s still early days for​ Heroes and​ it​ will be interesting to​ see how the​ second season develops, but on the​ evidence of​ the​ first one (and on the​ cliff hanger ending) you can be sure the​ second season will be eagerly awaited, especially when new characters with new super powers are unveiled .​
The audience is​ just eager to​ find out more.
Well Rounded Characters
The key factor in​ many popular tv shows is​ the​ casting .​
Both Lost and​ Heroes have large ensemble casts, which makes it​ highly likely that every viewer will be able to​ identify with one or​ more of​ the​ characters.
The larger casts also serve to​ keep these two shows fresh, as​ new characters can be added and​ old ones can leave without unduly upsetting the​ balance of​ the​ show .​
Rarely does every character appear in​ every episode .​
Most of​ the​ time, characters only appear once every two episodes.
Popular tv shows can dominate our lives if​ we let them .​
Lost and​ Heroes have certainly both made a​ huge impact in​ a​ television world filled with reality programming.
In the​ final analysis, maybe we all prefer to​ be swept away into a​ larger than life drama, instead of​ watching real life dramas that mirror our own lives.

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