What Is Web Hosting Uptime And What Does It Mean For You

When you begin to​ look for​ a​ company to​ host your website, other than the​ amount of​ space and​ bandwidth that is​ offered, a​ company will usually promote their web hosting uptime. Most web hosting companies offer an​ uptime guarantee to​ promote how well their service is.

Web hosting uptime is​ a​ measurement of​ the​ time a​ computer server has been running, the​ longer the​ web hosting uptime the​ better the​ service (usually). Uptime is​ important to​ not only web hosting companies, but to​ any person or​ company that has a​ website, because if​ a​ website is​ down it​ could hurt a​ personal company’s reputation as​ well as​ the​ reputation of​ the​ web hosting uptime guarantee. Web hosting companies strive for​ a​ 99.9% uptime, which means that there would be less then 2 minutes of​ downtime a​ day.

Factors that impact a​ web hosting uptime are sometime unavoidable, but many companies strive to​ prevent downtime. Downtime can be classified in​ three ways: planned downtime which is​ caused when a​ server is​ updated or​ upgraded, semi-planned downtime which is​ caused when software companies find a​ security breach and​ a​ patch must be put into place, and​ the​ worst is​ unplanned downtime which can be caused by an​ overloaded server, a​ software/hardware malfunction, or​ malicious software.

Uptime guarantees made by web hosting companies are based off of​ past information. Web hosting uptime can be monitored and​ maintained a​ few ways. There are services that provide 24/7 monitoring. Large web hosting companies have their own departments that monitor their servers. a​ loss in​ web hosting uptime can be prevented by having a​ redundant server to​ fall back on incase the​ primary server goes down. for​ a​ planned single server change this method may be practical for​ a​ larger company, but the​ costs implied for​ an​ additional server in​ a​ smaller company or​ providing this for​ multiple servers in​ larger companies can be impractical. Unplanned downtime would also keep this method from working well.

Some niceties that many websites provide is​ a​ friendly downtime message that will still allow the​ user know that the​ site is​ only temporarily down. Larger web hosting companies are able to​ provide a​ quicker return to​ normalcy to​ maintain their uptime guarantee, because they have staff readily available to​ respond to​ a​ downtime error quickly. Smaller companies may experience a​ longer downtime.

For consumers, researching web hosting uptime can prevent a​ package from being purchased from a​ web host that has a​ lot of​ downtime. There are websites that track a​ company’s web hosting uptime and​ provide reviews on the​ company freely for​ review. Other places to​ look for​ information are on forums either provided by the​ web hosting company or​ on web hosting review forums.

If your website does experience downtime you can contact the​ technical support or​ customer service department to​ see when your site will be restored. Understand that no web hosting company can have a​ 100% uptime guarantee. if​ your website experiences too much downtime switching to​ a​ different company with a​ higher and​ better web hosting uptime may be your only option.

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