What Is Web Branding Anyway

What Is Web Branding Anyway

The whole idea behind web branding will find several differing viewpoints. for​ some experts the​ basis of​ web branding is​ a​ means of​ identifying your site by providing an​ image association. This is​ typically accomplished through a​ logo that is​ used liberally on your site as​ well as​ through all forms of​ advertising.

This viewpoint is​ valid, but may be better understood as​ impressions. This would be the​ number of​ occasions that a​ person is​ exposed to​ your brand.

There is​ a​ second understanding of​ branding that seems to​ be understood by those under twenty-five, but is​ less understood by those who stand to​ gain the​ most benefit from the​ process of​ branding. Web branding is​ essentially the​ emotional connection you can create between your product and​ the​ consumer.

Do you remember the​ Smuckers® commercials. the​ kindly, grandfatherly voice of​ Mason Adams took us down memory lane. Even if​ we never experienced a​ moment of​ what was seen on screen we had an​ emotional connection with a​ jar of​ jelly.

The repeated use of​ Mason’s voice along with recurring themes allowed an​ entire generation to​ identify in​ a​ positive way with a​ product. This is​ the​ essence of​ positive branding.

Restaurants across the​ world find an​ immediate reaction from patrons when the​ décor is​ solidly Coke® in​ theme. There is​ a​ connection to​ a​ better time and​ a​ happier place that may have little to​ do with a​ soda, but what that soda has come to​ represent.

The branding of​ the​ product is​ ultimately more important than a​ simple slogan – it​ takes the​ consumer to​ a​ special place of​ identity with the​ product. There is​ an​ emotional connection that is​ undeniable.

The websites that seem to​ do the​ best job at​ branding may not even be ecommerce sites. Many personal sites do a​ much better job of​ eliciting emotional responses from visitors than business sites.

Far too often business sites work so hard to​ be professional they lose sight of​ how to​ be personal with their customers. Sometimes a​ website can come across as​ simply a​ tribute to​ the​ business. It’s perceived as​ if​ you simply gave yourself a​ trophy for​ a​ job well done. the​ visitor may be left feeling as​ if​ the​ business succeeded only in​ impressing itself.

The history of​ commercials provide many examples of​ how themed advertisements help brand a​ product, but for​ business websites it​ may be more about expressing your own personality. This can happen when a​ blog is​ used or​ a​ series of​ personality driven newsletters make their way to​ opt-in subscribers.

Branding always leave an​ impression, but impressions don’t always brand your product.

What Is Web Branding Anyway

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