What Is A Statement Of Purpose And Why Is The College Asking For It

The Statement of​ Purpose, or​ SOP, is​ typically a​ required element of​ graduate school applications. it​ is​ also called an​ application letter, autobiographical essay, or​ letter of​ intent, the overall purpose is​ the same. The school wants to​ know why you are applying, what your experience is​ in​ your chosen field, why you want to​ attend that particular skill, and how you will use your degree once finished.

The guidelines for a​ SOP vary by school, and you need to​ follow them closely. Not adhering to​ the guidelines could be a​ reason for your not being accepted into the school.

The Parts of​ the Letter

Why are you applying? Graduate schools want to​ know why students are interested in​ obtaining a​ graduate degree, and typically look for an​ in-depth answer, not because "I can't find a​ job so I might as​ well go to​ grad school." a​ carefully thought-out statement of​ purpose is​ essential.

What is​ your experience? if​ you have an​ undergraduate degree in​ a​ similar field, you may be interested in​ continuing this part of​ your education. Conversely, someone with an​ unrelated undergraduate degree may be interested in​ expanding his or​ her knowledge. Others have been in​ the workforce for some time and are now ready to​ pursue a​ graduate degree.

Why this school? This is​ also an​ important aspect of​ the letter. Conduct thorough research on your school of​ choice so you can give a​ substantial reason for that particular institution. Again, stating that you were not accepted elsewhere is​ not a​ good reason, even if​ this is​ true.

What will you do with your degree? Why should a​ school use their time and resources to​ educate you? What you will do with the degree is​ of​ interest to​ any school, because as​ a​ graduate, you are a​ representative of​ that institution. Further, a​ school needs to​ know that your goals and aspirations are in​ line with those of​ the school.

Allow Plenty of​ Time

Just as​ the college admissions letter is​ important for undergraduate work, so too is​ the statement of​ purpose letter important for graduate work. it​ is​ a​ key element of​ your admissions application.

Be prepared to​ spend a​ significant amount of​ time on the statement of​ purpose letter. as​ much as​ you are able, begin as​ far ahead as​ possible. a​ couple of​ months or​ more is​ ideal.

Once you have drafted and reworked your SOP, consider having someone else review it. Someone who is​ skilled in​ writing statement of​ purpose letters, or​ has a​ degree or​ experience in​ English or​ journalism is​ useful, as​ these people are trained in​ writing.

Keep your reader engaged by focusing on the questions asked rather than including extraneous information (which uses valuable space). Demonstrate to​ the admissions personnel your genuine interest in​ your field and their school, and provide examples of​ how you will use your degree. These simple steps will help you compose an​ effective statement of​ purpose letter and increase your acceptance rate.
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