What Is The Secret To Finding Real Wealth

What Is The Secret To Finding Real Wealth

Did you know that less than one percent of​ the​ people currently living on this planet account for​ almost twenty-five percent of​ ALL the​ wealth? These powerful people certainly don’t want you to​ know this...they want you to​ stay as​ mindless drones whose sole objective is​ to​ keep THEM wealthy. What is​ the​ secret this small fraction of​ the​ population knows that the​ rest do not?

If you haven't seen the​ movie "The Secret", I implore you to​ watch it! the​ Secret is​ the​ most powerful law in​ the​ universe! if​ you have already seen it, watch it​ again. to​ watch "The Secret" online, copy and​ paste this url into your browser; http://www.thesecret.tv/home.html

Or you can watch "The Secret" On Demand via cable and​ satellite for​ audiences in​ the​ United States and​ Canada.

This small minority of​ people who are currently pulling the​ strings on world politics and​ world economics have mastered the​ Secret. These are the​ same people who want the​ Secret banned like it​ was once banned hundreds of​ years ago. Now the​ Secret has been un-earthed for​ all to​ discover its tremendous power once again!

There also have been great leaders who have mastered the​ Secret and​ made positive contributions to​ all of​ humanity. Leaders like Albert Einstein, Abe Lincoln, and​ Mother Teresa to​ name a​ few.

We are now living in​ an​ exciting new age of​ technology where humanity can do incredible things. the​ brick and​ mortar corporations who once ruled our economy unequivocally over the​ little guy are slowly losing their death grip due to​ the​ astonishing power of​ the​ internet!

So what is​ this secret you ask? in​ a​ sentence; "The Secret is​ the​ Law of​ Attraction". Simply stated, you get what you wish for...or your thoughts dictate what you get in​ life. Your health is​ dictated by your thoughts as​ well as​ your wealth.

Think of​ your thoughts as​ little tiny magnets...the intensity of​ these tiny magnets or​ thoughts are in​ direct proportion to​ the​ emotions you attach to​ it. the​ stronger the​ magnet, the​ stronger the​ attraction. This explains why a​ lot of​ people don't get what they wish for. They have not attached a​ strong enough emotion to​ their dream. or​ they feel they don’t deserve their dream so they don’t bother pursuing it.

Let me give you an​ example of​ how the​ law of​ attraction works in​ a​ negative way. Think of​ the​ days when you got started off the​ wrong foot, then said to​ yourself "this is​ gonna be a​ long and​ terrible day". What happened? a​ long and​ terrible day...you got what you wished for! the​ degree of​ how terrible your day turned out was proportional to​ the​ intensity of​ the​ negative emotion you attached to​ the​ thought, right?

So how do these little "magnets" or​ thoughts attract what we want or​ don't want in​ our lives you ask? Well, and​ this is​ based on quantum physics that scientists have just learned in​ the​ last 10 or​ 15 years. There is​ an​ invisible universal mind if​ you will that contains all the​ dreams and​ thoughts of​ everyone who has ever lived or​ will live...past...present...future. This is​ quite the​ paradox you may think, how can this be?

The "time" element in​ this universal mind has been negated or​ altered. Quantum physics has recently shown us that a​ single electron can occupy two different spaces in​ an​ electro-magnetic field at​ the​ same exact point in​ time, once thought impossible. This goes against the​ laws of​ physics unless time has been negated or​ altered some how, the​ only possible explanation. So you may be able to​ connect with the​ dreams of​ someone who hasn't been born yet. Are you getting excited yet?

The Universal Mind is​ a​ sort of​ collective consciousness. the​ place where dreams are born. These dreams are invisible and​ waiting to​ take physical form.

How do you convert your dreams from the​ universal mind to​ the​ physical realm? By constantly thinking about your dreams with strong emotions and​ just as​ importantly - taking action! I am NOT talking about wishful thinking here...you must take action on your dreams!

It helps to​ have pictures of​ your dreams and​ look at​ them every day. Write your dreams down. Formulate a​ plan that is​ specific and​ with deadlines that will bring your dreams to​ fruition...and stay the​ course! “Don’t die with your dreams still inside you” as​ Dr. Wayne Dyer likes to​ say.

That is​ why I firmly believe you should pursue ventures you have a​ passion for...then you will find it​ easier to​ attach strong positive emotions to​ your thoughts and​ dreams.

This is​ the​ most powerful law in​ the​ universe, use it​ wisely my liege...

Good Luck and​ Stay the​ Course!

John Lynch

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