What Is Reseller Web Hosting

What Is Reseller Web Hosting


Shared and​ Reseller web hosting have many similarities, many web hosts offer both shared and​ reseller hosting. the​ main difference between the​ two are in​ the​ names ‘shared’, you are sharing resources, which is​ the​ same for​ ‘reseller’ in​ a​ way but yo can resell the​ server resources. You can create your own web hosting accounts and​ share your allocated server resources with your clients.

The host still remains in​ control of​ their server and​ are responsible for​ updating server software and​ maintaining the​ server. the​ host will usually also provide support to​ the​ reseller, so if​ there are any issue or​ faults the​ reseller will be able to​ contact the​ host.

Do I need a​ Reseller Hosting Account?

Most personal and​ small business users will have no use for​ a​ reseller account, a​ reseller account is​ useful to​ those users who have a​ number of​ web sites and​ want to​ save money, as​ a​ reseller account can be cheaper than purchasing multiple shared hosting account.

With a​ reseller account you can also sell hosting, so this can be a​ relatively cheap step into the​ hosting business. You have the​ flexibility of​ controlling your own clients, creating, suspending and​ terminating accounts. You also have the​ knowledge that the​ server is​ being maintained for​ you, so you only have to​ worry about your clients and​ web site.

The Benefits

If you own a​ number of​ web sites, using a​ reseller account can save you money, and​ you can create accounts when you need them and​ share the​ resources between your web sites easily. You can find reseller hosting accounts with plenty of​ bandwidth and​ disk space for​ around $25 - $50 a​ month, which can be a​ big saving if​ you have a​ number of​ web sites needing hosting.

You also don’t have to​ worry about the​ maintenance of​ the​ server, since the​ web host should have this covered. You should also receive technical support included with your account.

If you have plans to​ start to​ own web hosting business, a​ reseller account can be an​ easy first step in​ the​ hosting industry. it​ is​ a​ relatively low cost solution, meaning you can concentrate primarily on building your business slowly and​ generate a​ steady monthly income. One of​ the​ biggest mistakes new hosts make is​ try to​ accomplish too much in​ a​ short period of​ time. This can lead to​ unhappy customers and​ evidently losing clients.

The disadvantages

Potential clients may not be totally confident purchasing a​ hosting account from a​ reseller, because you in​ affect are the​ middle man. if​ a​ problem arises with the​ server or​ a​ customers account, they need to​ contact you and​ if​ you are unable to​ deal with the​ problem yourself, you would in​ turn have to​ contact your host. This can be a​ long process from initially receiving the​ first support request to​ getting the​ problem resolved. However if​ you have proper customer support in​ place this shouldn’t be a​ major problem.

As a​ reseller like I said above you have limited access to​ admin functions, and​ if​ you have experience with the​ control panel and​ server software you may find this annoying. the​ only thing I can suggest is​ asking the​ host if​ it​ would be possible for​ them to​ enable your account more with admin privileges. the​ worse thing the​ host can say is​ ‘no’, so it’s worth a​ try.

Final thoughts

In my opinion reseller hosting is​ worth the​ money you can pay out, it​ is​ a​ good step in​ selling web hosting and​ if​ done properly enables a​ small business to​ generate a​ profit from reselling shared hosting accounts.

If you have high bandwidth or​ disk space requirements reseller hosting may not be the​ best solution, possibly a​ dedicated server would be better suited if​ you have the​ technical knowledge.

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